Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I Can Do This

Plowing through this with patience, considerable thought, and determination.

I don't know why I found this so funny...
My accent colors!!!

6 items - 5 jewelry, 1 bag

I picked a blue pair of earrings (I'm hoping Emily pulled this one out for my birthday), a green pair of earrings, a lovely sapphire ring Hunter purchased for me recently, and a nice navy bag that can also be a clutch.  It's hard to get excited about it but I do already own it and it fits a need.

Lauren Merkin - Navy Glazed Goatskin Mini Marlow
Lauren Merkin Mini Marlow in Navy

I found another item to put on my "To Buy" list (about time)

Maybe something like this:

Too bold?
Looks like Hunter's taking me to Hermes for Christmas again.

Step 14: Leisure Wear

Yay, fat pants here I come.  I am a fan of Athleta and get most of my workout wear and lounge pants from them.  Love the Bettonas.

Bettona Classic Pant
Bettona Classic Pants

Bettona Boyfriend Pants.
  Look like cargo pants.
Now for the Tops.  I would include my Green Thing but that would be like including underwear.  If you ever come to visit me in the spring, fall or winter you will know exactly what I'm talking about.  I shall be wearing it every day, it even makes it over to my parents' house for dinner, and I have been known to wear it on a plane when I just don't give a shit. Every time Emily leaves for school, I make sure she hasn't stolen it.  Soft and cozy.  But, when it is getting washed, I shall be wearing these...

Sweatshirt tunic
J Crew Sweatshirt Tunic

Pure Collection Cashmere Knitted Parka

Step 15:  A Versatile Dress and an Accent Cardigan ( and shoes)

Another Ann Taylor Dress for me.
All-Season Stretch V-Neck Seamed Sheath Dress

I knew I'd get the short grey cardigan in here.

Collection featherweight cashmere cardigan

 Shoes.  Another Yoox purchase that Tiffany Rose brought to my attention.  She is such an enabler.


Now this is what my wardrobe looks like:

Core group


The next three steps are all about filling in the "holes".

I am up to 45 pieces of clothing and accessories and only have four items on my sheet that I presently do not own.  The two flat shoes, blue earrings (come on Em) and that cheap old Hermes bracelet.

One more post, I promise, then I am done with my core wardrobe...we hope...and it's time to shop!!!


  1. I looked at the Vivienne Files, but I still don't get it... is this like a 30x30 where you wear this set of clothes for a while? Do you keep your other clothes that aren't in this set, or get rid of them?

    1. My view is this is your core wardrobe...well fitting items that you love and love you back, that make up the majority of your closet. Then, when the shopping bug gets you or you see something you may want to add, you hopefully do it with a bit more wisdom. For example, I hade no idea I had seven grey cardigans and four grey jumpers...all solid grey. I am only getting rid of clothes that I don't love. And yes, I am keeping clothes that aren't in this color palette. Stay with me. Just a few more posts.

    2. Thanks for explaining! And I'm happy to read along, I think this sort of exercise is interesting. I need to take some kind of action on my own closet so I'm taking mental notes!

  2. I had a good chortle about your Green Thing! I have a black thing and a grey thing for winter.... I wear them whenever I'm at home and not expecting guests. The grey thing gets worn to yoga sometimes too!
    This winter I wore thermal undies around the house too.... Very glam indeed!
    I like the idea of this core wardrobe, but I think I'd find it almost impossible to be that disciplined. Fingers crossed for that cheap Hermes trinket and the blue earrings!

    1. I love my green thing!! Not sure what I'll do when it is threadbare. Most people, I think, may say they have too many clothes. I can say I have too many grey sweaters or jeans. I think when you find just the right item, my green thing for example, that is what you are going to wear. I had lots of jeans but I really only wear light weight for now, one heavier for cooler weather, and a pair of jean trousers (I love them all). Hoping this teaches me patience to wait for just the right item to add to my closet.

  3. Great bracelet. You are being so restrained with this wardrobe that it slides from the want category to a need! I have no accent colours unless a slight french blue counts (I'm a black and grey girl with navy thrown in for spice.) I likely need some since I'm looking a bit goth these days.

    1. French blue definitely counts. I am starting to run out of steam but I am so close to being done.

  4. You have been so dedicated. I think my problem is getting stuck on styles vs color. I could, for example, buy the same blazer or ballet flat in every color that they make it in. I will wear them all. I also love patterns and prints. I almost never wear an entire outfit comprised of solids.I don't think I could ever limit myself to just wearing a few colors or so many solids. Excuses, excuses! I see that it makes great sense for traveling though. And again I will be really jealous when you have everything so streamlined and I am bogged down with too much stuff. There must be some therapy out there for the multiples buyer! I hope that the bracelet arrives for Christmas. It is so pretty and seems perfect for all of your wardrobe choices.

    1. If I found the perfect item I would buy it in every color that I loved. My issue is I don't wait for the perfect item and thus continue to buy the same damn thing. Something is not quite right and they get tucked in the back of my closet. Forgotten. lovely SW boots came in black and tan. If they came in navy or dark brown, I would have bought another pair in a heart beat.

  5. I don't think I have ever given this much thought to my wardrobe. I wouldn't say I was a slob but I am a little disorganized. I really like the cashmere parka but it is too warm (here) even in winter for me to wear. You have magnificent taste in jewelry. Love the bracelet.

    1. I am a bit overly organized. Also my kids left for college so I am doing the nesting thing. I cleaned all other closets first before I hit this one.