Thursday, October 17, 2013

NYC - Time to Shop

Okay.  I am a firm believer in getting a bright and early start, especially when shopping is involved.
I will say, gasp, I am not a good shopper.  I am also not used to shopping with lots of other people.  Waiting for a dressing room is the kiss of death for any items I might totally love.  So we were up by eight and on our way to Grammercy Park by nine for breakfast.  I wanted to be at the first store right at ten when it opened.

Now this trip was actually my fifth time to NYC (have not been since Christmas 2009) and I wanted to try something different.  I have never been in the Grammercy area and according to the map there are lots of stores to chose from.  So...

We went to the subway, got our tickets, went through the stiles, realized we wanted downtown not uptown.  $7.50 spent just like that!  Went back through the turnstiles, up top, across the street, down to the subway, through the turnstiles, and another $7.50 spent for the three of us.  So there we waited.  This is what Hunter had on:

He wore his orange shirt, khaki pants, and loafers.  This is what he looked like:

Two different people approached him and asked for directions.  A total of six people asked him for directions while we were in New York City.  He only knows of one that he actually gave incorrect data.  Em said it was because he looked so friendly.  I say it's the big ol chrome dome.  You know what they say, " Little hands...little gloves."  Wrong saying..."Big head, big brain".

We ended up at Union Square Park.  There was a wonderful farmer's market.  Asked a bunch of cops where to eat breakfast and we ended up here...

Do not come between a Harrison and their breakfast.

Had a good omelet.  All the waitresses were eastern European, tall, thin, and waiting to be "discovered".  Hunter headed off to the Chelsea art district and Emily and I began to shop.  this is how we did...

Emily - Forever 21

Abstract Zigzag Boyfriend Sweater | FOREVER21 - 2060180301

Everyday Chevron Infinity Scarf | FOREVER21 - 1000127911

She got something else I just can not remember.

Emily - Anthropologie

Sapphire Day Dress #anthropologie

At this point I realized I was not being taxed.  In Knoxville, our sales tax is 9.75% so this really is a wonderful benny.  This dress was on sale for $39.95.  Now that I have an Anthro, it was hard to get excited.  I did try on a few things and was very disappointed by the Brighton Wide Legs here.  I thought they would be perfect.  Not only did my ass look wide and flat but so did my crotch.  Not pretty.  I left empty handed and was now getting pissed.  I wanted a bag to carry and not Emily's shit.  We went in Free People - too boho for me.  Tried Joe Fresh - if you need basics this is where to go.  And then there it was - J CREW - and bigger than a breadbox.

Me - J Crew

Embroidered-front tee
Yep, that's it.  I swear I tried but this really is lovely.  In celebration of Columbus Day Week end, everything was 25% off.  There were so many sales people it was ridiculous - borderline obnoxious.  But this was actually sitting in my online basket.  I did a Large even though it is a tee thinking it would shrink a bit.  Nope.  Already worn and washed (wash inside out) and dried.  Fits the same.  So...TTS.

Just like Ft. Lauderdale has a strip joint on every corner, Knoxville has a church on every corner, New York City has a Gap on every corner.  They had a hell of a sale.

Em - Gap

A little deconstructed but no hole in the knee.

She also got a really pretty, thick, navy and white striped draped cardigan/sweater coat.  I can not find it on line. They had a grey and white that I originally tried on but just too much material for the girls.  It looked great on Emily.

Me - Gap

Okay, Em got the Sexy Bootleg.  I got the Perfect Bootleg.  Sigh.  Not sure why I even bother.  Just put me in a house coat in front of the bird feeder and call me old.

While I was standing in line I noticed this cute scarf and decided to get it at the last minute.  The cashier tried to give it back thinking it was mine.  She gave me every possible chance to just claim the scarf but I insisted I got this from a display.  Well, it wasn't a Gap scarf.  Chances are some one wanted a new scarf and left this one in its place.  Lost and Found for 30 days and then it could be mine.  One persons trash was going to be my treasure.  Just not meant to be.

By now the throngs of people were everywhere.
I tried Club Monaco - no luck.  Em tried H&M - lasted one minute, way too crazy.  She got a bra at Victoria Secret.  

Pretzel Time!  We needed something for energy. 

Then I found what I was looking for.....

Me - Vince Camuto

Isn't Billy beautiful?  It is perfect except for Vince's name on the back side - I may sharpy it so it is not as obvious.
I could have bought shoes but I really didn't want to lug them around.

That's it.  Kinda anticlimatic, eh? 

How it all looks on me:

I have got to shrink this tee!

Back of the clutch - a bit gaudy gold letters.

Washed and still no gaping for the girls.

Hunter always makes fun that when I go shopping I always get a white shirt.  Part of the issue is my toxic under arm sweat...but look honey, I got two!


  1. Hunter really does give off the look of a man who would know how to get everywhere, i think everyone would pick him to go into the jungle with, he'd get you out and trap you some dinner.
    I too have to be in real shops by 9.00am, I like to ninja in and out in 20 minutes tops.

    1. He really is like having a walking map with you at all times. I can't even turn out my hotel room the correct way to find the elevator.

  2. Count me among The Ageds - I have a pair of Gap perfect bootlegs that I love. I'd buy another pair, but for some reason, they don't make them with the two buttons at the top anymore, just one. I don't know, I can't do the skinny leg thing. I'll take the 1970s over the 1980s any day.

    There is no sales tax on clothes in MA, which is awesome. Sales tax in CA varied, but where I lived it was 9%. When I moved out here, I felt like everything was on sale. :)

    You got some cute stuff! Love the bag, gold letters and all.

    1. I was a long and lean girl myself...but you can only get on line and they are phasing them out quickly. We are taxed on everything, including food. Of course we have no state income tax but they seem to get us other ways - the franchise/excise tax for businesses is ridiculous. The bag is great...I am trending towards smaller bags but I need it big enough for wallet and sunglasses.

    2. I want to get rid of my skinnys so might try these, the skinnys just look almost "lingerie" too me nowadays - I know, getting old.

    3. My athletic thighs tend to rebel against skinnies.

  3. I have the same embroidered tee too and it really is lovely.
    Love the clutch!

    1. I saw the navy on you but did not see in the store. Do like the grey...almost a real light shade of blue.

  4. I'm with you. I like to make quick, strategic strikes at shopping. Gone are the days when it was a "fun" day. The crowds, rude sales people or suffocating sales people, lack of good choices for me all ruin the experience. Maybe that's why online shopping has taken off like a rocket. My husband has a chrome dome too but is never asked for directions because he's always moving too fast. Usually in the wrong direction. And BTW...I think house coats are under rated.

    1. I almost bought a really cute looking "house coat" from anthro awhile back. Before kids we lived in south Florida and I would make fun of the ladies in their house coats. If hunter wasn't around I'd get one.

  5. I may be the voice of dissent but I love the size of the tee. It looks so great on you, and so do the jeans! You did a great job, last time I went shopping in NYC I could not find anything. When I lived in Boston, I loved the no sales tax, but now we get taxed for everything in CA. When I go back and visit, I always want to stock up on clothes!
    Hunter looks so friendly. You guys are all so adorable. Like, I wish you lived next door to us and I could borrow your gorgeous clothes adorable :)

    1. We'll thank you, thank you, thank you :). I may get the jeans in an ankle (means I can wear with flats) length also. I do like dark navy with a faded jean. And the J Crew tee I just want a smudge of a shrink.

  6. Well, it does sound like you had a great time! Love the clutch. The Union Square Farmers' Market is wonderful, I love it in spring when all the plants are for sale, everything from Mountain Ash trees to teeny unusual herbs. Come back soon.

    1. I kept thinking why don't we have this in Knoxville? Our farmers market consists of tomatoes, salsa, and beef jerky.

  7. Good for you and I love Billy!

    Go Hunter Go! I think he and Barry are cut from the same cloth - Barry likes to memorize it all!

    I am a strategic shopper as well. WHat I have yet to find in NYC is the little home boutiques and clothing boutiques - everything I see is chains! Maybe in Brooklyn?

    1. It was one box store after another after another. No boutiques. I did see a Home Depot and was mildly you take the plywood on the sub with you? Hunter and actually both kids have an innate sense of direction...I do not and am therefore the butt of jokes. You would think I would have a 50/50 chance left/right. I get it wrong every damn time!

  8. Hunter does look like he is in charge. Maybe he should go into politics. Yeah I have an 18yo daughter too, everything seems made for her, especially Anthro stuff. I'll see you at the birdfeeder in my housecoat!

  9. Just got caught up with your trip posts. I love your new clutch & tee. All the food you ate sounds soooo good. Hunter sounds like a good luck charm to take everywhere. lol