Sunday, October 20, 2013

NYC - A Beautiful Day Thanks to TeaCups

And we're back to my adventure in the Big Apple.

Sunday, a week ago, we headed to Murray's Bagels for...yep, bagels.  Now I do like my condiments but why, oh why, do they have to put 10 tons of cream cheese on each bagel.  I got the traditional, bagel, smoked salmon, tomato, capers, and a butt load of cream cheese.  We actually found a table to eat at.  Meh.  Sorry New Yorkers, just as good as a Lenders bagel and Philadelphia cream cheese.  Gasp!

We took Emily down to the NYU dorms to meet her friend Alex.  Hunter and I had the day to ourselves.  Hey, I'm on vacation it's okay to drink before 5:00PM

Of course, we wanted to share it with every other New Yorker so we headed first to the High Line.

Waiting for our train.

The High Line really is quite lovely if you took 90% of the people away :)  The thing to do is get your lunch, sit in the stadium seating, and watch the traffic go by.

And since we just love gobs of folks, we truddled over to Chelsea Market for more touchy feely fun with strangers.  Again, neat place just WAY too many people.

**My phone petered out on me.  I now have a new one but unfortunately I lost most of my pictures **

Now always a glutton for punishment, Hunter suggested we head to Rockefeller Center for lunch.  Hey, why not?!  The more the merrier.  Now the day before was beautiful and warm - we also stayed in the Grammercy/Chelsea area where the buildings are not as tall.  This day was just as beautiful and warm but the wind and shade made it rather chilly.

Now a wonderful blogger friend, Teacups, was very kind in offering us a few lunch choices since she is very familiar with the city.  These people were everywhere!  We did manage to find it though...

*I had a great shot of the restaurant with Hunter's little head in the middle*

Morrell Wine Bar and Café

Morrell Wine Bar & Cafe

I had on my new J Crew tee which the hostess quickly commented on.  We sat outside, had the cheeses and charcuterie plates and a great bottle of wine.  The Columbus Day Italian American Parade was just down the street.  I could see the tops of the floats.  Always making friends, we chatted with the hostess.

Where are you from?  Tennessee.
Where are you from? Utah.
Have you seen any good shows on this visit? We just saw Book of Mormon.
What did you think?  Did you like?  It was hilarious.
I loved it also, even though I am Mormon.  I thought it was spot on.  Oh.

Hunter then preceded to tell her I thought Mormons were a cult.  Sigh.  She was actually a lot of fun and we thoroughly loved this little place.  Thanks Teacups!

Now on to the next place...lets keep this party rolling.

Hunter was cold.  No! Say he didn't!  He went shopping!!!

We got him this:

Barbour® Classic Beaufort Jacket
He loved it!

Daniella Zalcman for The Wall Street Journal

These people are following us everywhere.  We tried to find another restaurant that Teacups suggested, La Birreria, but just could not find it amongst the throngs of people.  Gave up. We're quitters.   

Well, that was a buzz kill so we headed back to the hotel.  But suddenly, something caught our eye.


How could we pass this up?!  Believe it or not, the prices were quite reasonable.  They even had a few bourbons Hunter had not tried.  New one: Larceny.  Favorite: still Buffalo Trace

 Caught up with Alex and Em.  Went back to my closet of a room and finished my free bottle of wine.

Dinner was back at Chelsea Market at Buddakan with the girls.

Alex and Emily

It was so dark and loud, Hunter gave up even trying to talk or listen.  They forgot our duck.  I got my dessert, ten minutes later Hunter got his, five minutes later Alex and Emily got theirs.  Food was good, atmosphere not what I wanted, services pretty bad.  I loved the concept and was really hoping this would work.  Took Alex back to her dorm and I was done.  Stick a fork in me.

Last day...more food, wine, a show, and a celebrity siting.  Ooooh!


  1. Crack me up! Hunter's new jacket is perfect, big thumbs up. If we had a free day in NYC we'd do all the same stuff.
    That bar is mighty impressive... all those pretty bottles!

    1. I sometimes forget how much Hunter likes new things. He is just hard to shop for. It was quite amusing how giddy he was with the coat. Love it!

  2. they forgot your duck? they forgot your duck? they forgot your duck?

    well, I consider myself warned.

    btw, love Chelsea Market, would live in Chelsea in a minute but the apts in the lovely old houses have tiny tiny rooms, and I love me my kitchen and closer space....

    1. oops, that's closet space. sigh.

    2. Yes ma'am, they totally forgot the duck. I kept thinking when we went to all these places...Why doesn't Knoxville have this. Then I quickly remembered Knoxville wouldn't support something like this. We are a home of box stores and chain restaurants.

  3. Sorry about the crowds. If it is any consolation it is really, really crowded in December. I'd like to tell you about my day in NYC yesterday since it proves Dani's point about doing the same things!
    My husband and I made an impromptu trip to Soho to buy some down jackets for the wee grandkids. The weather was great so we headed north and stopped into a bakery/cafe and spotted Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan), his wife, Naomi Watts, and their two tow-headed sons. We do love us a celeb sighting! We continued through NYU to and Washington Square Park and decided to stop for a glass of wine in Otto at the bottom of 5th Ave. funny how my husband's new friend, sitting on the next stool highly recommended the bourbon.

  4. To continue this saga, we kept heading north and my husband wondered aloud 'Why did we not have any oh that tempting Limoncello in our apartment?' As we were walking past Eataly. That problem was quickly solved after we found their wine shop around the corner. Continuing on through midtown we considered how just one more glass at Morrell's could be lovely since we had journeyed this far. Sounded like a plan but after some time and more wine had passed we settled for a cab for our last leg of our trip to the Upper East! Hadn't really intended on a pub crawl but sometimes life happens. I hope you had as much fun visiting the same spots! Sounds like you did! Look forward to hearing about the last day as well.

    1. Even with all the people we had a ball. Hunter did say he was so glad my blog friend had recommended Morrell's - it was just what we were looking for. Thank you so much...we did go back to Eataly Monday morning and NO ONE was there.

  5. Love this and Hunter's coat. We ate at Morrell's last time we were in NYC - it is very loud inside at night! I am with Fred - they forgot your duck?????

    And Hunter told the lady you thought her religion was a cult. Oh Hunter.... I laighted out loud at this whole post!

    1. Nothing is sacred with Hunter. He'll talk about anything and everything and for the most part doesn't seem to offend anyone. My eyes got a bit wide when he told her that but she was funny, witty, and really delightful (oh to be young)...and she somewhat agreed.

  6. I love Eataly, but it sucks when it's full. I bet Hunter looks incredibly dapper in his new coat, contributing to my crush but don't tell him, what if it goes to his head? :)

    1. Hunter was so cute in his new coat. He really doesn't get to dress nicely very often (in construction). He's pretty clueless when it comes to women, they love him. I actually had to ask him if he was ever going to ask me out.

  7. Looks like you had a great time -- I start to feel claustrophobic with so many people around! My husband's family loves Barbour jackets -- they all have one, and it has now spread to me as well as to my parents. They are really fantastic and last forever -- in case they didn't tell you, when the wax eventually wears down, you can get the jacket rewaxed for something like $50, which is a bargain relative to the coat price. Most Orvis stores carry Barbour and can arrange for the rewaxing for you (I see there is one not too, too far from you).

    1. I do like Barbour and have one jacket and one coat. Originally wanted him to just try one on so I could get his size and order later. But he was so cold and the price was right. Thanks for the tip on the waxing.

  8. Sounds like the service could have been better, but glad you had fun. That Barbour jacket is going to be handsome on Hunter-- did you get anything?

    1. Not there but I did get a few things...look at the post from maybe two days ago. Did you go to the Galapagos Islands?

    2. Not yet but I am going soon! Maybe I can pick your brain? I can ask WMM to give you my email if I am not signed up with you to follow ( think I am?) V. excited. Macchu Pichu too.

    3. You are gonna love them both. My e-mail: Let me know if/how I can help. Galapagos - do everything (you have to snorkel) Machu Picchu - try to get early starts (less crowds) and pace yourself. Depending on where you are coming from the altitude can really get to you.