Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Few Reviews: PiperLime Tweed Tee and J Crew Drapey Crepe Henley Tunic

Well, we got Em off to camp (I mean college).

Action Shot!

The Convocation felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie.  All the professors were dressed in their robes, hats, scarf thingies (?).

They did a good job.  By the time it was time to were ready to leave.

On arrival home, I had a few packages waiting for me.

First J Crew.  Tyler needed pants and I just HAD to throw something in there for myself.

Drapey Crepe Henley Tunic, Size 10, Hammock Green

On Model in Bright Cerise:

Drapey crepe henley tunic

On Me:

Love the color.  The product shot on the website is accurate.

Darts at chest and a little detail stitch around arm.

The placket with the button holes are sewn together between the holes so it lays flat.

Back of shirt/tunic.

Sleeve detail.

Did not like the sleeves rolled up.  Did not try the J Crew sleeve roll.

Yep, there's my light switch!  Anyway, sleeves are long.

Just felt this was a bit too big for me.  Not sure an 8 would work but may try.

Covers the bum.  Yes I have two polka dotted scarves.  Realized that after I bought the second one.  I know someone has done this too.  Shhh.

This is a very thick material and a bit oversized.  I was not expecting the heaviness of this shirt.  I could only wear in fall and winter.  I am always a 10 in tops like this because of my square shoulders and girls, but felt a bit swallowed by this.  I do love the look just not the feel.

Now Piperlime...

Not really shopped here but I really want a tweed tee and J Crew's just didn't work out for me.

On Model:

On Me:

Ok, I am looking a bit boxy with the pants.  Sorry I was too lazy to change.  Note to self...wear with straight leg pants.

I was afraid it would read a bit pink but the tweed colors are right up my alley.  This is a stiff shirt with no movement and I love it.  No, it is not soft nor lined.  But I did NOT find the material to be scratchy or bothersome in any way.

Keyhole back.  The button is facing in and the loop is elastic.  I can get this over my egg head without having to undo.  Getting it on is easy.  Getting it off is a bit harder.   It gets a bit stuck at the shoulders.

I even made a Polyvore page with it :)  I am creative like that :()

The sweater in the middle I ordered from Boden, thanks Tiffany Rose for letting me know about that site.  It came but was too big so I am waiting for its replacement.

I am slowly settling back in my EMPTY house.  This is the longest week ever!


  1. Good morning BB!
    Love the tweed tee on you!
    I saw the drapey henley in store and it didnt wow me,so i didnt try it on.

    You are a september baby too,right?
    I am a typical virgo,are you?

    1. I am a full fledged Virgo. My daughter is also but I tell her she's a shame to all us neatnick Virgos.

  2. I'm sure this must be a tough week, stay busy! I bought the crepe henley and I sized down from a 10 to an 8. This is highly unusual for me so I think it must run pretty big. I have wide shoulders and usually need that size 10 for them. Not so in this. I think you might want to try the next size down. I am surprised you didn't buy the navy one, but I like this green on you. The tweed top is very cute.

    1. I almost got the navy too! I will return to my B&M. Hopefully they will have one or the other...or both... in an eight. Unfortunately, my store seldom has the items I am interested in.

  3. Wah - were there a lot of tears?

    Love the green on you and the rolled up sleeves actually - I would roll them up one more time (or do the pinterest JC roll that you allude to!). I also like the tweed top a lot - wait - is that navy there????

    Ema looks beautiful. Thank god ours are only going down the road - I am not ready yet. I will have to learn to be brave like you!

    1. There were no tears just a big lump in the throat. We spent all day Friday moving her in. Then Saturday was the convocation and a final farewell picnic. By then she was ready to go it alone and we were ready to get away from the throngs of people. Some of the parents were scary. They were already planning Med school for their kids. Yikes.

      Tweed's Multi damn you :) And it's a pattern. I am trying to avoid solid navy that's why I chose the green J Crew. I swear I am like a fly on shit when it comes to navy though.

  4. Best of luck to Em! That first week of college is so exciting.

    I never think of tweed for tops, but it looks great!

    1. I loved my first year of college. As they are independently dependent.

  5. Hooray, a NC school! (although my school will TOTALLY beat them in football on Sept. 21!) ;-)

    Love the J.Crew tunic on you! They just do colors so right.

    And multiple polka dot items in the same style? NEVER. NOT ME. Ha.

    1. Hey, we looked at App State. Parents week end is the 28th. Still undecided if we will go. Guess we'll feel her out and see if she wants/needs us.

  6. Have you tried the J Crew top in a petite? I have a feeling it would help with the sleeve issue. I just received mine in navy 4p, and it fits like a dream. Loved it so much, I ordered another in red.

    1. I have never tried petite...5'6 and swear I do not have short arms :) that are now sold out in size 8. If it was meant to be they will have in store otherwise I will have to let it go.

  7. Shame about J Crew sizing - I reckon a smaller size or a petite size as Elizabeth mentions above would be good. It's such a great colour on you.

    Plus, green and navy look great together ;-)

    It must be so surreal to see your kids go off to Uni. It seems like a few days ago that mine were born, and M is starting High school soon. How the hell did that happen?

    1. High school is now a blur and I still can't believe she's gone. I do believe the first year is the hardest.

  8. Hi there ... I'm feeling :( with you on missing Em.

    Like the tweedy top!

    I hope the Boden sweater works for you. It looks pretty from what I can tell, I'll be watching for your post on it. I've tried a few clothing items but mostly I'm in love with their shoes. You know the pointy toe sensible heel mary janes I recommended in eucalyptus, the ones you were worried about in patent? Well, I got them in the pewter and OMG, it's love enough I had a crazy thought to buy an exact dup but managed to come to my senses. The pewter is not patent but I have other patent shoes from Boden and they are not torturous like the evil Mona, I hope she hasn't soured you completely. I will do a post on Boden shoes soon. :)

    1. I did order from yoox also. I should do a post some wedges AND those dark green Danielle Arcani heels. Thanks for showing me a world outside of J Crew, Zappos, Anthro, and Banana Republic. I am very grateful.