Friday, August 16, 2013

J Crew Reviews - Blouses and Shirts

Yes, I got sucked in by the recent promos offered.  Don't judge me.

So first the tees...

On model

Tweed-front tee in black

On me

I really, really, really wanted this to work.  It is well made and fits great.  I just do not like the tee shirt part.  It really cheapens the top.  I also found it quite flattering and not real boxy.

The details on the tweed are terrific.  The weave is nice and tight.  The black is a soft black.

Cute little pocket

The trim runs around the neck.  Sigh.  I know they made a navy last year and maybe I'll stalk one on e-bay.  This was just short of a keeper.


Drapey Raglan Sweatshirt, Size L in Navy

On Model in Natural
Drapey raglan sweatshirt

On me

Meh.  I do believe it is the perfect scoop neck.  The inside is not soft but not bothersome either.

I do like the texture.

Side vents instead of the typical sweatshirt band we all love :)
This is not very thick.  Obviously from the model shot, you can layer with a shirt if that is your cup of tea.  Personally, it drives me nuts.  I can never get it to lay right and have no patience to make much of an effort.

Okay...since that was so much fun, let's move on to the blouses.


Silk Henley Top in Warm Jade, Size Medium

On model
Silk henley top

Why did no one review this?  I kept waiting and waiting.

On me

I do believe I am having a "fat" day.

Under arms, no bra strap showing.

Cute open but won't stay that way.

I know it's a bit wrinkly.  There is pleating at the shoulders.

Pleating below buttons

Pleating on either side in the back.  The middle one is a wrinkle.

Couldn't quite tell what this picture was but now I get it.  Turn you head to the left side.  The buttons and placket expose the girls.  Sorry, won't layer so this is a deal breaker.  Again, I really wanted this to work and had been waiting to include this item in my wardrobe.  No go.


Silk Gingham Top Size 10 in Navy

Hey, I put a green item in there.

On model

Silk gingham top

On me

Sigh.  Where'd my waist go?

Little button at top.

Lined with 100% polyester.

Not a good job lining up on the right boob.

Much better with the left boob.

No peekage under arm.

Oh tucking it in is soooo much better.  Yeah right.

Definitely meant to wear untucked.

I will return this but if they have it in store I might try on again just for shits and giggles.


Acropolis Blue Plaid Flannel Shirt Size 10 in Acropolis Blue

Ha!  Not navy.

On model

Acropolis blue plaid flannel shirt

On me

Now that's what I'm talking about.  Soft, soft flannel.  Plaid.  Blue (kinda looks purple IRL). My figure came back!

Sleeves a bit long.

Girls say "Hi!"  Everything lines up and no gaping.

Little bitty detail at pockets.

Back view

Lines up at the sides too.  Oh I am giddy with delight.  Bout freakin' time.

Love this top and if they come out with other color ways that do not include orange or pink I may get another.

I shall leave J Crew for awhile and await my birthday discount from Anthropologie.  Oh...we are finally getting an Anthro in Knoxville.  Grand opening August 22nd.  Yeah!


  1. Maybe it's the sudden chill in the air, but I've been wanting a plaid flannel shirt. That one looks great on you!

  2. you have saved me a passel (sp?) of cash! I really like the flannel on you! I have a couple of things on my wishlist but need a full price promo - I did bite on blue kikis but that's it!

    1. I was a bit disappointed since everything I picked was well thought out and consciously picked for my wardrobe. Guess it saved me a bushel of dough.

    2. Oh you are making me think of that song "I love you, a bushel and a peck," - where is that from - Oklahoma? I got my $75 rewards card today so will be seriously praying for a full price promo on new stuff next week, as I will use it by sept 15! even if I just buy tshirts!

  3. Thanks for the reviews!
    I also reviewed the akropolis flannel and the color didnt do anything for me.

    So funny its low 60s here,colder than in germany.So much for Hotlanta,haha.

    1. I know. The weather is so weird and I think we are under flood warnings this week end..again. Hope you are settling in and enjoying your new home town.

  4. I actually love the green top on you - shame you're not keeping it. I'm going to put it on my wishlist.
    I like the plaid shirt too, but I think the rest are not really doing you any favours. The t shirt fabric on the tweed top would annoy the hell out of me.
    It's hard to resist those promos, isn't it?
    I've just done a massive order, mainly for kids, husband and mother. I did mange to sneak in a Jackie cardie and a striped tee for myself, though. Sigh. Snagged by the JC addiction again.

  5. My son needs some pants from J Crew and I am waiting for another roll out "just in case" I need something to help me get free shipping. I always have problems with button shirts because the girls are big and my waist really isn't. I did order a tweed tee from piperlime after this one didn't work. I'll let you know how that goes.

  6. You totally hit the nail on the head about a shopping phenom when you said you "wanted it work". Oh how I want that want all the time. And there are loads of things in my wardrobe that are not worn and attest to that phenom. I love how you assessed the first top then said "NO". Think that sweatshirt top would look great on you in cream because you're a blonde. Though I think it needs to be PJ soft because you may want to wear it by itself. The green colour is great on you but agree the button bit needs to stay open for it to work. I bought a similar silk green top (but with a sleeve) from Banana republic, you could look at that if you like that green.

    1. Well, I am returning the items today and very well may try the cream sweatshirt if they have it in my store. I am always looking for green but not much luck these days.

  7. Hi BB. I really wanted to love the tweed tee but why oh why must Jcrew and others limit the design to the front of a garment only! This is a pet peeve of mine. I much prefered the navy tie back tweed top from fall 2012. It was boxy but at least the pattern went all the way around.

    1. I dismissed the one from last year, never gave it a second thought. I am now checking e-bay periodically for it. Hopefully it doesn't go to a full on obsession with it.