Sunday, March 3, 2013

Anthro Reviews: Magnetic Field Necklace, Parknit Top, and Holding Horses Denim Pencil Skirt

 I am such a sucker for free shipping promos from Anthro.  I am an easy target.
Magnetic Field Necklace here

It is not available at this time but it does seem to pop back quite a bit.  I have wanted it for several months and was waiting for it to pop back.  It has three levels of necklaces with quite a bit of adjustment for you to decide long or short.

Very pretty.  My only complaint is how they shipped it to me.  It came all by itself, wrapped in tissue and placed in a bag, no box.  When I unwrapped it, there were tiny shards from chipped crystals and one of the chains was disconnected - easy to fix.  All jewelry should be shipped in a box of some sort.

Parknit Top here, M Ivory
The details:

 This is the collar and the gray is a thick jersey, or really thin sweatshirt.  The hem is unfinished at neck, arms, and along the bottom:
Bottom Back:
I do not think this will be an issue because of the materials - 65% Viscose, 32% Cotton, 3% Spandex.  The front, sweater part, is 100% Cotton.  If you like clean lines you may have to iron these hems after washing.  I am going for relaxed sluggo wear so this will not be an issue.
The knitting has some looseness to it but you do not need a cami underneath.
I am wearing a black and white container for the girls and it was not noticeable.
The back is a bit longer than front, and no I am not pregnant.  I think it fit tts but if you want more fitted,why?, size down.  Evil kitty is lurking in the back.  I'm gonna keep!
Holding Horses Denim Pencil Skirt here, 29 Jeep Red
How can you screw up a denim skirt?  Let me count the ways...
Not too bad.
I suddenly have the squarest, flattest ass in the world.
Sigh..the striped shirt ain't helping
Did they forget a button?  Nope...details!
Ooooh, it's on the pockets too.
There's my white little pooch, rise isn't bad.  If you look closely, or maybe you don't have to, the zipper doesn't lay flat, nor the all.
It's really stretchy.  I'd like to say I got the right size but I'm just not sure.  The color is great but everything else is just wrong on me.  But then I looked at the product shot on line a little closer and it really was not flattering on the model either, especially from behind.  I should know by now that when they take a front pick and the model has her hands in the pockets...on every shot..those pockets will not be laying right when I go to actually use my hands.  This is going back.  I thought it was not well made.
Now I will sit back and wait for the next promo because I have a few things on my wishlist.
This is cute:
Lamai Embroidered Tee

Not sure why I am attracted to grey sleeves these days.  I am trying to work on my casual wear a bit.  Still in search of white jeans.


  1. Hi, I started following your blog, I hope don't mind. Anthropologie charges $60 shipping (although flat rate) to Tokyo, a bit hefty for stingy ol' me. So real person reviews are a great way to filter if ever the perfect storm happens for right bundle of items. Your say it like it is delivery also appeals to me.

    1. Bless your heart on the shipping rates. I have no store near me so real life pics are extremely helpful for me also. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I still can't get over your shipping prices.

  2. Howling at the legs akimbo pic! You have no pooch, all my weight sits on belly, I really do look, 4 months pregnant naked. Best I stay fully clothed forever.

  3. Aw baby, my weight sits at my thighs. All these skinny leg pants are a bitch for me. I look 4-5 months pregnant when I eat cheese and/or beans.