Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tale of Two Dresses: Old Navy and Banana Republic

Old Navy Ruffled Jersey Tie-Yoke Dress, size M, Imperial Jade here
On the model:
on me:

I bought on a whim when shopping with my daughter.  I do not purchase from Old Navy for myself.  Daughter swears by the Diva Jeans.  I have been trying to find alternatives for shorts for quite some time.  This was cheap, now $25 with another 15% off.  First, I would not call this jersey.  It is 100% rayon, hand wash, dry with like colors.  It's cute and easy.  I also think it runs a bit big.  Anything with buttons I usually wear a large.  Medium fit good with no gaping.
No bra showing.
I am taking this on my cruise.  I figure I can troll the shopping ports as is, and then throw a sweater on for dinner.
Next. Banana Republic Belted Ponte Sheath, Size 10, Royal Purple here
On Model:
 on me:
I am 5'6 and this hit me right below my knees.  Definitely would hem a good 1 1/2" to 2".
Really cheap belt
Wait a minute...what the hell is that thing?
Closer inspection.  Even the camera didn't want to focus on my armpit boob.
Damn it! They are multiplying.  Sigh.
Back view for all those still interested, I'm not.  Exposed silver zipper.  I would say this fit TTS. The material is great.  Thick and stretchy.  The skirt was fuller than I expected...didn't like that.  You can zip this puppy up all by yourself.  Obviously this did not work for me.  Not sure when my girls decided to have boobs of their own.  We need to have a talk!


  1. I like the green dress on you. More accommodation for the Girls as well!

  2. BB, was over reading about Peru (Lima definitely worth second look.) Had to stop by and say green dress good since you know my dilemmas on that front. And very best with swimsuit safari!

  3. Thanks GF. I loved Peru and would love to go back. So much to do and see. I am finding the trip posting to be quite tedious but am trying to get one a month done. As long as the T & A are supported and covered I am sure I will find something. It's tough to compete with 17 yo daughter and her tight little body.