Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And Now for Something Completely Different...Garnet Hill Reviews

Garnet Hill, I try.  I really do.  First you send me an e-mail saying free shipping so I jump to purchase the gold sandals and some other things.  The very next day- BAM- 25% off eveything.  Can I call and just apply that savings? No.  I have to reorder and then send back the first order and then try to put my foot behind my head.  Sigh.  But I got the shoes:
Gentle Souls Upon-a-Star Gladiator Sandals, size 9, soft gold here
So much better than the J Crew monstrosities.  They fit TTS.  Garnet Hill has them listed in their dress shoes..but I think they can do casual too.  Lots of support and padding.
Of course I had to be a good consumer so I also tried a pair of shorts, a top, and a is coming up (24 days and counting).

Washed Silk Shirt, Size 10, surf here
Boyfriend Denim Shorts, Size 8, dark denim here
First the shirt: It is huge.  I was tempted to get the 8 but not sure that would do.
The color and feel are great.  Just not sure of the size.  You're on your own there.
Now the shorts:  I am over either a 3" inseam or cuffs.  I have thighs and the cuffs just draw the attention right there.  The shorts fit tts.  The denim is thick.  The rinse is good.  I am just not sold.
Butt view.
Look at that six pack.  Rise is good.
I really am getting a flat ass. Sigh.
Just not right for me.
I look stumpy.
Now for the swimsuit:
Garnet Hill Retro Ruched One-Piece Swimsuit
Boy I hope I look like that in mine.  That and it can contain the girls.  It is suppose to mail out today.  They are having 20% off all swimwear right now.
Garnet Hill Retro Ruched One Piece, mine's Aqua here
Yes, I will post pictures if it works.  If not, you will never hear about it again and i do not want it mentioned.


  1. Yes you got your goddess shoes! Promise me you'll fall asleep in the sun a and burn yourself silly - the pattern is going to be fabulous.

  2. Ack, that would hurt. If I do, I will curse you and then take a picture.

  3. I love those shoes! Agree on shorts - the perfect shorts are elusive, like a unicorn, once you find your brand/size/cut, it is imperative to buy them in every colour and hoard them for the coming zombie apocalypse. I love the shirt, agree the size down would be better, but it looks kind of chic up a size!

    1. Almost exchanged the shirt for an eight maybe a six. It really is cute, just not sure what size to get. I'll be tempted by Garnet Hill again, I just have trouble with the sizing and fit of their clothes.

  4. Your commentary is the best. Chuckle chuckle chuckle.

  5. Thanks. The suit is on it's way...I'm kinda dreading it now :)

  6. No to the shorts. You can do better. I adore the shoes, though. Have fun on your cruise!

    1. Thanks. I am counting the days...the cruise can not come quick enough.