Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let's Go Casual: J Crew and Some Shorts

Let's just jump right in to the shorts...get this sh*t over with.
Aventura Delaney Organic Cotton Shorts, Size 10, Olive here
Wearing with J Crew Vintage Vee Neck, Size M, Peach Sorbet here
I know.  These shorts are pricey but I am trying anything.
You can roll these babies all the way up to your crotch without a lot of bulk.  These are very light weight.  They do need ironing after washing - shorts?  really?
Side shot.  I usually size up for my thighs and then have to belt the waist.  These actually fit well in the waist also.
Rise.  Look Ma, no muffin top.
Back View...sorry for the blur.
I actually like these.  The Olive can pass for a brown or even a black.  They should go with any and all the tees that I own.
Sanctuary Peace Shorts, size 30, Bone China here
The rise is a bit higher..starting to have a bit of a muffin.  These stretch a bunch over the course of a day.  Again I bought for the thighs and the waist is a bit big and gets bigger.  They come with a belt.
Rolled up back view.  I am wearing black panties and they do not show at all.
Very well made - better be for that price.  Not sure what to tell you on sizing.  They really do stretch out in the waist and butt area quite quickly.  Also got in Blue:
J Crew Men's Sunwashed Fleece, size M, Mountain White here

I wanted something cozy and comfy and plain.  The small worked well if I was going for a fitted look.  I wanted oversized.
The collar has a button so no choking or tugging forward.
The hood covers the ol noggin.
2750 Superga® classic sneakers size 9, white here
They are white.  That won't last.  You can buy these from Zappos also.  There is an arch support built in that may cause problems for some wearers.  I find them extremely comfortable.  I live in Rainbow Flip Flops here during the summer.  I have wanted a simple white sneaker for awhile and these fit the bill just fine.  Now I just need a bathing suit.
The Garnet Hill one I tried on earlier here was not THAT bad.  It had zero support for the tatats.  If you are less endowed or just plain perky  I think it is a lovely suit.


  1. I have the same problem as you. I normally have to size up in shorts to allow for my "athletic" (sure, we'll call them that) thighs. Shorts look so bad on me though that I just usually avoid them at all costs and wear a skirt instead.

    1. Somewhere I heard them referred to as "strong legs". Of course I relate to them as "thunder thighs". Starting to really hate shorts.

  2. You looked so cute with the hood up! Not familiar with the shorts brands, so thanks for that! I am sure I need new shorts for summer, but they won't see light of day till end of May, so I can afford to wait! I never think of the men's section, do not no why....

    1. Thanks! I'm planning on taking some photos for you soon. My plants all have big sexy buds on them. Giving them two weeks.

  3. I'm looking at snow at the moment, so not quite ready for shorts - I can dream. I like the ones you've shown, especially the first ones. I love white sneakers, have to have them fresh every Summer.

    1. I wore slip on Keds as a teenager. Somehow got away from white tennies only to eventually go back to them.

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    1. It's painful for me but I do get a lot out of others reviews. Trying to do my part for the team.