Monday, December 3, 2012

Shoes! Miss L Fire Bonnie (aka Anthro Perforated Lace-Ups)

Miss L Fire Bonnie or Anthropologie Perforated Lace-Ups

Miss L-Fire Bonnie Blue Heel
ON SALE here
 I love these shoes and I do get comments on them everytime.  The are a very brilliant blue suede perforated with red, orange, and yellow.
The have a tassel tie made from the suede with leather wraps. And nice cushioning.
I wear a size nine and purchased the size 40.  They are a smidge big but not sure if a size down would be too tight.  I didn't try.  Right now I am wearing with thick tights or socks.  Yes, socks.  I refuse to let my feet get cold in the winter and the navy socks look great with the shoes and pants.  I may need to buy heel inserts when the warmer weather roles around but we'll worry about that later.  They have a rubber base, not leather, with plenty of traction:
I have always been a fan of Miss L Fire.  I have found these shoes in Black and Orange here, but the blue are on sale at Anthropologie for only $80...a real bargain if they have your size.  I also highly recommend the Tassle Tie Oxfords on sale for $100 here ( reviewed here):

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