Friday, December 7, 2012

Gap Sweater Reviews

Colorblock Turtleneck Sweater here.  Gap is now having 30% off (I got this for 40% in the store...yes I actually went to the mall..who knew!).  I am not a fan of turtlenecks but unfortunately every couple years I have to have my chest burned off to get rid of  AK's from all those years of being in the sun (sunscreen..whatever you put on your face, put on your neck and chest).  Any whoo, for roughly 10 days my chest looks like road kill and I finally decided to buy a turtleneck, or two, to get me through it.  Of course, this time the weather turned quite balmy and I haven't worn it yet.  And now, back to the sweater.  I like it.  It is one of the few ways I can get away with wearing some shade of orange.  That and my terracotta matchstick cords from J Crew (love).
Here's the turtle, all up under my chin.  Buttons are a nice touch, but still a turtle.  Makes me a bit claustrophobic just looking at the picture.  I thought this was interesting.  First is my skin next to cream, then next to orangy color.
My pink skin really turns pinker, I think.  And no I did not do my hair for you...sorry.  I do realy like the color blocking and the details.  The colors are a soft ivory and peachy orange ( spot on in pix).  not the softest sweater but it does fit my needs for it.  I took my regular Medium to get around Tom the Turkey Neck.

Gap Colorblock Tunic is presently out of stock on line but showing on product pages here under tunics.  Full length in all its glory:
Boy, I look squatty.  I like it bunched up and messy.  I am presently wearing with those terracota matchstick cords and Mcallister wedges from J Crew.  I took off the yoga pants and running socks.
Little pocket to put little things in.
Back view:
 This is a thin sweater but still warm for inside.  Again, 30% off so a nice affordable casual sweater.

Finally, the Fair Isle Shawl Cardigan here.  I got this for my daughter for Christmas.  We saw it in a magazine, InStyle I think, and she expressed interest.  Well, during Black Friday I tried to order it and they were sold out.  Unbeknonst to me, she also tried to order it and it was sold out.  Well, the store fortunately had three left.  She tried on the Small, her usual size, was a tad big.  The XS was pulled to death and looked like sh*t, not sure why it was out there.  She did want it big so we got the Small.  It is warm and soft and cozy and wrapped and under the tree.  The loops are large and this could be prone to snagging.  The pink is more peach IRL.  The Indigo was just a little harsh for us.
Well, that's the Gap.


  1. Gap sweaters have been o.k. I haven't been bowled over by any. I think the Fair Isle is the cutest of the bunch. Your daughter will be happy. With her llama necklace, too ;)

    1. She be getting Llama socks too!