Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Anthropologie Tiered lace Column Dress and Garnet Hill Cashmere Duster

Anthro Tiered Lace Column Dress

 The Anthro Tiered Lace Column Dress here is just lovely.  I am wearing with Anthro Kuychi Necklace that I got last year ( they have an identical one but in blue here same price) and Ann Taylor Exotic Embossed Leather Pumps here (they are on sale for limited time 40% off..I will review later, but they are keepers).
Close up of material and color
I find the cut to be very flattering.  I have a love/hate relationship with my arms and found this dress to offer just the right look for my bat wings. The lace sits on top of another layer.  I ordered a Large and am glad I did.  I usually wear a 10 in dresses and can go either Medium or Large depends on the breasts. 
V in the back two pictures are first with tummy normal.  Second, with tummy sucked in.

May need a little support there mama.  Because of the weather I will wear some type of hosiery and I believe that will be enough. I really do love it and am planning to wear tonight.  A bit costly (I did get 25% off plus free shipping)  but if you have read all the comments about the various Bailey Column dresses offered by Anthro they are all true.  Very forgiving and really gives that hourglass shape. I found this dress to be sexy and NOT clingy, just form fitting.
The dress with the Garnet Hill Eco-Cashmere Duster here.  This was another 25% off with free shipping purchased during black Friday weekend.  They are presently offering 20% off full price items until December 9th.  I am hit or miss with Garnet Hill.  However I am always looking for something to wear with short sleeve or sleeveless dresses.  I seem to be always cold.  This is the Natural color...also comes in Earth.  It is so light weight, so soft, and again expensive.  I do not own cashmere from them so am not sure how it will hold up.  That being said I am keeping it!  I will wear not only with dresses but also with jeans and heels.
The back has a nice cross over collar.  Nice touch.  It is like Christmas around here.  I am getting a package everyday.  I still have two Gap sweaters and some Ann Taylor items to review.  Soon.

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