Friday, February 7, 2014

Catch Up

Modern version of these least by sound.  

Enjoy the music while we catch up a bit.

Quick update on my 101 List...What I did in January and what I'm fixin to do in February:


Get in Touch with an Old Friend - e-mailed my best friend from high school/college, she lives in Birmingham, and will hopefully get to see her in March.
Clean out my Garage - Of course I picked the coldest month to do this...Mr. H was not too pleased.  We all know when Mama wants to do something, Papa has to do it too.  BTW, I am now "Lover" to my hubs.
Watch Movies on a Rainy Day - I've done rather well with my movie picks.  Have seen Black Fish, Mine, Spectacular Now, Captain Phillips.
Fast for a Day - I got some stomach virus for four days...I'm counting it!!
Take Nana to Cherokee - Went up Monday afternoon, spent the night, came back Tuesday.  I think we were gone exactly 24 hours.  This was our Christmas gift to Hunter's mother.  All she had to bring was her gambling money.  My folks met us there also.  I played slots with my dad, my mother took this opportunity to get the hell away from my dad for alone time, and Hunter took his mom to the blackjack table...$15 a pop was all they could find, on a Monday!  Needless to say in two hours they were at the bar (like mother, like child).  Soooo, we showed her the penny slot machines, she had a ball, in bed by nine, and wants to do this again next year.
Wash My Windows - I personally did not wash them.  Are you kidding?!  But we had them out, 50% off, did a nice job.

Visit New Orleans - This should be fun.  We have been twice before and hopefully will not be too hung over for the flight home.
Have my Cartoon Portrait Done - Hoping to do this in New Orleans
Get my Palm Read - Ditto
Do a Shot - Ditto


Are these not perfect?

Jimmy Choo Inka
Sigh.  Fortunately they have those cankle straps so they are a no go.  Good thing since they cost a small fortune.


For those of you who think "Justified" is all pretend.  A short story about our concrete finishers...

Earl, Robert, and Jason (try to keep up).  Earl and Robert have been good friends all their life.  Earl has been a father figure to Jason.  Jason and Robert are cousins.  Earl is the boss, Robert and Jason work for Earl.  Okay...Robert is a fugitive from the law.  Nice guy but has a million warrants all having to do with drugs.  These warrants go back over ten years ago.  That's the background.  Ready?

Jason has a problem with drugs, he keeps missing work.  Earl is pissed.  Goes over one morning, wakes his ass up and proceeds to get in a fist fight with Jason who has a knife.  This is a 40+ year old taking on a mid 20 year old.  Needless to say Jason got whooped and didn't  go to work.  Three days later on our job site, the police and federal marshals show up and arrest Robert.  They got an anonymous tip.  Robert is now in jail and will likely never come out (do the crime, do the time).  Jason has not been seen since.  He is either in hiding or buried one will say.

Have a great week end!


  1. I am stealing that for a book plot! Only you!

    I hadn't heard of the first band at all!

    Good job on the list! I really do have to get off my list and do it! I really do! Okay - I will!

    1. It's the redneck way of life. Every time I hear Broken Bells I think of the Bee Gees. Plus the actress is in House of Cards. I'm ready for it.

  2. Well - finally someone with more building drama than my own!!

    Cankle straps are also not my thing but that color is very flexible indeed.

    So jealous you are going to one of my fave cities in the world - I want to live there for 6 months to learn to play a horn instrument, eat gator etouffes and beignets all day long...

    1. I do get a kick out of your building stories and really can not wait until you are all the way through it. It has been a while since we were in New Orleans and we are ready for a bit of change with this long winter.

  3. Great job on your list!
    Love New Orleans and hopefully we wil visit someday again:)
    Arnt you tired of the cold in he south?

    1. Ugh, I am so over this and they say we will have a bit of snow tomorrow...and. Monday...and Tuesday. Usually I only wear my winter clothes for a month or two...I hate them all. It feels like we have had winter since October. Okay, I am in high whine mode. I need some wine.

  4. You are a good larf on a Friday arvo lady! Re Cankle straps. I once asked a friend in London, do these ankle straps make your ankles look bigger. Yes she said, but they're so cool it doesn't matter. Not sure if that is a "Who's on Three" waiting for Godot type argument, but I do like them. Gosh fact (when it comes to chippies ...trans. "builders") is stranger than fiction isn't it. Good work on cleaning out your garage, like opening up another room in your head isn't it??

    1. They look so pretty and then ya puthem on and you're a tree trunk. Kind of like leggings for me too. Oh well. I must be getting old because I love my garage now. Hubs made me a little book case for all my pet food. I just did a happy clap ;)

    2. Plus the Beegees...those satin trou were very revealsome weren't they?

  5. Great job on finishing some of the jobs that I would somehow avoid - garage and windows. I am a big fan of the ankle straps. Turns out with small feet and ankles which remain a relatively slim part of my body, I like the way they look on me. You gotta go with what you got! The Jimmy Choo's are lovely but a lot of money for what probably is a trend. Have a good weekend.

    1. Everything looks good on at least someone. The ankle straps seem to be a thing these days that I simply can not wear...I look stumpy. Hope you had a great week end and a wonderful week.

  6. Oh my goodness, that is a story!

    You are doing so well on your list! I'm only 9% done. Luckily I still have 891 days left. :) I don't know what I was thinking when I chose some of these. I really don't want to do the 100 push-up challenge!

    1. I tried the push up where you go to 100...couldn't do it. They do have one where you go to 50...doable. I really don't want to eat beets or tofu :)