Thursday, February 27, 2014

NOLA - Day 2

Day 1 is just below if you need to catch up.


Club Level...

We were up and ready to go by 7:00AM.  Didn't want to miss any grazing time.  I tried to get Hunter to sit in that crazy ass chair/sofa (what do you call it?).  He said, "No."  They had all kinds of fruit, cereal, five types of juice, cheeses, charcuterie, oatmeal and hard boiled eggs.  Just a few nibbles before breakfast.


The Grill Room: Dining Room

Back to The Grill coupons for breakfast.  Had the Crescent City Egg White Omelet.  They should of called it Butt Load of Mushrooms with a Bit of Egg White.  Good thing I wasn't even hungry.

Jackson Square...


Well, I had decided to do a few things on my 1001 list while in New Orleans.  So let's get busy.  Found a cartoon guy to do Hunter and my caricature.  He made some comments about how large Hunter's head was that he would do me first so at least I got in the picture.  People started to gather, people started to wince, people asked if I had a good sense of humor, my mother made a very disapproving face, my father raised his eye brows, some young women commented that I was much prettier than that, I started to panic.  Then he drew Hunter.  People smiled, people chuckled, my dad gave a thumb's up.  Then....I got to see it.  NOT HAPPY.  Even the dumbest rock knows to make the chick look good.  Sigh.  And Hunter made me give him a tip too!!

Needless to say, I opted NOT to do the other things I had planned.  No shots for fear of becoming the drunk chick with the tiara on her head, sitting in the gutter, missing a shoe.  No having my palm read for fear of being told I will suffer from anal leakage the rest of my life and never have two biggest fears.

Curious aren't you?

Ever since I have discovered Bitchy Resting Face, I have told Hunter to stop making that face.  Now I am told by my beloved, "Stop looking like your caricature."  

Now, I am heading to Atlanta to meet up with Ina for lunch.  Any other Atlantans that are up for it, e-mail me, I've got drinks and dinner available:)

So, Ina, this is what you need to look for...I guess:

French Market...

There were so many people we actually lost my mom and dad.  Of course my father refuses to remember to take his phone with him, so we really did lose them...or they ditched us.  Every city I go that has a "market" ends up looking exactly the same.  So we headed to Bourbon Street for art and lunch and drinks.

We got a muffuletta for later.


restaurants now

Green Goddess  Hunter swears it has one of THE best Bloody Mary's.  I had Rolled Uttapam with a spicy sangria.  


File:Red Wine Glass.jpg


Harmony cat-napping

Hunter ate the muffuletta.  Why not?

Happy Hour...

File:Red Wine Glass.jpg



This time we went to Cochon Restaurant.  Same guy just around the corner.  Need a reservation for both lunch and dinner.  We have a friend who played football with Hunter in high school who lives in  New Orleans.  We have not seen him for over twenty years.  He recently got in touch with Hunter a few months back so we met him and his wife for dinner.  Now Matt doesn't do Facebook so we were not sure if we would recognize him.  

Hunter also works with a guy that goes down to New Orleans four times a year and always brings Hunter a muffuletta from Central Grocery.  He knew we were coming here and got us a bottle of wine, Hunter a double Blantons, and two appetizers.  So sweet.  Dinner was at 7:00PM, left at 11:00PM.  Had lots to talk about.

I had Paneed Pork Cheeks with cauliflower puree & beet relish.  Really Good.

Hunter and Matt

Street Walking...

We opted not to go to Bourbon Street but no matter, the drunks were out and about.  I saw an older man with two young "ladies" stumbling about.  Did see a lady with bottoms and pasties...maybe she was part of a parade?  Since we were successful the night before, we decided to hit Harrah's Casino again.  Maybe we could find my folks.  We enjoy playing Craps.  Word to the wise, when drunk do not gamble.  One man was so drunk he could not even stack his chips let alone place an intelligent bet (is that an oxymoron?)  They were everywhere and Hunter does not have a lot of patience with them. 


Windsor Court Polo Club & Cocktail Bar

Beats the free swill at the casino.  Met a guy who does wine consulting/food pairing.  Lovely Cajun accent.  He kept feeding us different wines that he and his friends were drinking.  One of his friend's daughter used to baby sit for Johnny Manziel and wanted to know what we thought about Johnny.  This guy's wife was so drunk, she thought we were going to say bad things so she kept yelling across the bar for us to shut up.  Husband kept apologizing for her, but damn if I didn't have to bite my tongue.  Couldn't take it...I want happy drunks.  Off to bed we went.  Made it to 1:00AM.  Can you believe my parents stayed up longer than we did EVERY night?!


  1. Thanks for letting me know what to look for,haha!
    See you Saturday:)

    1. Did not realize my face cheeks were also growing in size.

  2. That doesn't look anything like you! Okay I vote for a re-do!
    Wish I was in Atlanta at my Dad's house, I would toot on over for lunch with the two of you... have fun!

    1. Hunter did ask if I wanted it re done...hell no.

  3. You are way prettier than that caricature. The artist was probably drunk already that day.

    1. He did only have three upper teeth. I think he was jealous of my pearly whites.

  4. Did you try etouffe though?? And beignets? and yes I have been outpartied by people in their 70's recently...

    1. Unfortunately, I am allergic to shellfish. The line for cafe du monde was mile long so no beignets either. I know, my one disappointment...well that and the cartoon.

  5. That caricature is just plain wrong. Wish I was around to meet up with you and Ina....

    1. I picture us all doing a cruise in twenty years. Could be fun.

  6. About the caricature - that just ain't right! I've had beignets at Cafe du Monde - loved them- but have no idea what a miffuletta is. Your lunch sure looks yummy. I admit that I am jealous of your lunch with Ina. I hope you let us live vicariously with a full report. Enjoy yourself ladies!

    1. The muff is a sandwich..not a huge fan but they have a cult like status for some. After three hours in the car with each other, Hunter and I will be dying for some one new to talk to...really looking forward to seeing Miss Ina.