Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow...AGAIN?! Time to Shop!

This is what it looked like at my place two weeks ago.

 Supposedly, that is what it may look like tomorrow.   NOOOOOOO!


Hopefully tomorrow:

Anyway...Back to my fancy dress.  I tried some shoes.  Magically, after hanging up in my closet for a month, the dress has gotten longer.  What's up with that?!  Waist up still the same, waist down about 2 inches longer.  Sigh.

I purchased these shoes to try:

Anyi Lu Linda Sandal size 10/40 in Blush Snake

Anyi Lu...Blush Linda Sandal
With the dress.  The ring above my ankle is from my sock.  See, spring needs to come because even
 my socks are getting tight.

  Ack.  Too short of heel now.

With my old Michael Kors heels...

 I'll stick with these...already paid for and with all the snow days and looking for shoes, well, I've done some shopping.

I got this on sale from The Outnet, sale rack of Net-a Porter.  Chinti & Parker has it on sale but $100 more.  I think it is adorable.

 On Me:
 Now wait a minute...the pockets are on the wrong side.  Hmmm.

Pockets? Check.

Soft?  Check.

Cricket likes?  Check.

 A bit different?  Check.

It has a small CP embroidered on back.  Cute.

They even made the tag easy to remove if bothersome.

I also bit on J Crews latest sale.

I got...

Vintage cotton V-neck tee
Vintage cotton V-neck tee

Prima jersey drop-shoulder tee in stripe

J Crew 4" Chino Short, Size 10, Stone

4" chino short

From Poetry...

Gassato Cashmere Relaxed Sweater

Gassato Cashmere Relaxed Sweater

If this goes on sale I will definitely get.  I know I can wear it better than the model.
Plus, it's navy...my weakness.
And finally, I may not be a leopard lady but maybe I'm an ocelot.

From Coach:

It needs to warm up soon so I can start looking at seed/gardening catalogs.


  1. I hate to say it but the winter wonderland looks lovely

    yo no comprendo what happened to your dress??

    I have never bought shoes online...I like the kors heels - it stops at a flattering ankle angle - normally they don't work but for some reason this ankle heel does and very suggestive with the dress.

    Ocelot will do just fine too!

    1. I like the winter wonderland for exactly one day only. Not sure what happened with dress but I have since taken it off the hanger. We'll see if the purse looks cheap and if I have the balls to get and use it.

  2. Love this BB - what up with that dress? I guess jersey REALLY stretches!

    I think the Kors heels look grand with that and I do love that sweater! I am waiting for the Campbell capris to arrive to try for a take-along to Disney - will let you know what I think!

    1. Oh you will have so much fun in Disney. We went one Christmas as a family a few years back and we all had a ball. Hope the capris work out for you.

  3. I like the Kors heels with the dress, they look great. Good choice to go with what you have, because 1) you can hardly see them with the long dress and 2) you can spend the money you would have spent on shoes on something else now. Sorry you're getting more snow!

    1. The shoes do work. Right now I am drawn to spring sweaters but something tells me with this long cold winter we will have a long hot summer.

  4. Wow, what a change in two weeks - and your garden is so green and vast. Those low sandals are sweet, think you should keep for summer. The Kors heels are cool perfect with the dress and right height too. Can't wait to see entire ensemble. Love the sweater too, don't you just love that brand? I think they do the stars too right? Yes navy is my weakness too - and doesn't that look ace with the white jeans?

    1. I think the sweater is great and will have on my body tomorrow. They do do the stars...you know what I mean.

  5. I was just emailing with my Dad who is in Alpharetta Georgia, he's tucked in with lots of food and booze. Said the storm was going to be so bad his wife was planning to close her office... she works from home. He's pretty bummed, "I left Canada to get away from this shit" is his general attitude!
    So you need to tuck in with food and booze. Love love the michael kors heels, yup they're the ones. Take the dress off the hangar and store it gently folded otherwise it will stretch another 2", then you'll have to get prossy trotters (is that what Tabs calls them?) to wear with it! Hunter might like that though. Stay cozy.xo

    1. I immediately took that dress off the hanger. Just wasn't expecting it to grow. Oh well, the shoes work. We have food, booze, movies, and hopefully power/heat. Hunter thinks it will by pass us. Emily is getting slammed. My folks cancelled their trip to see her :(. I don't blame them though.

    2. aha! Should have read Dani's reply properly.
      Prossy Trotters is a household word chez nous, now, thanks to Tabs!

  6. Some fabric will stretch out if hung - for example, my fancy Herve Leger dress says not to hang, but store folded. I'm guessing that's why it's longer, unless your legs have lost inches ;-)
    Your garden looks amazing with the snow - I'm sure you're sick of it, but it does look very pretty!
    Love your Chinti and Parker sweater. I've been eyeing up some of their cashmere on NAP, but was unsure of the quality. Now I'll be able to ask you how it holds up!

  7. Hi BB,at least you are " only" getting snow! Here is supposed to be an icestorm and said to be prepared not to leave youre home for days. what????
    I cannot wait for this to be over,as we might not have power!
    Love the MK heels!

    1. Still hoping it bypasses us. Gosh I hope you keep power...that would really suck. Stay warm and enjoy the time with your family.