Tuesday, April 2, 2013

J Crew Reviews...Meh

Biennial Cutout Hobo in Pale Blossom
OK, I just ordered and received this while I was on my cruise and now it's gone.  Sorry.
Not quite the right color.
That's more like it.  The purse has three pockets.  The two outside pockets zip and the toggle attaches to a grommet to hold in place:
Cool little detail.

The center pocket just has a magnetized closure.
Inside the center pocket is one large zip pocket and two open pockets for phone and stuff.
No key fob which would have been really nice.
The outer pockets have nothing but space inside.
No feet on the bottom...it is a hobo.
Comes with longer strp too.  I will not use.
Sorry about the flash.  Nice size.
Next to my clarisonic so you can get some idea of the color if it ever pops back up.
I did get this for 30% off and am quite happy with it.  My hubs says it looks like a little old lady purse.  Damn him.
Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt, size 10 indigo here
On Model:
Short-sleeve chambray shirt
On me:
I think she's been photoshopped.  All me baby!
Did not feel tight across the chest put pulled even with my hands to my side.
Can't tell but the top button has scallops around while the rest do not.  I do like the rounded collar.
The sleeves pucker a bit.
Has nice tailoring.  The fabric is thicker than I wanted - regular chambray - and the fit is off for me.  Taking it back.
Waverly Chino, size 10 natural here
Ummm.  Wrong size or I just can't work the "laid back feel".
The rise is good but I look like I gained 15 pounds on the cruise.
Details...gold zipper, plastic button.
Back..one buttoned pocket, double belt loops in back.
I do like that the fabric is soft and light weight.  The front pockets lay flat.  I may try the smaller size if my B&M carries these.  Money back on these.
Linen Cote d'azure Tee in M Ivory Blue Umbrellas here
Let me tell you the story first...I pre ordered this first of March.  It looked so cute on line and I was eager for my cruise and it would be perfect and and and...I was told I would have it by March 15th (left 21st on vacay).  Received e-mail saying it was still backordered and would arrive April 15th.  Ugh!  Fine!  Showed up on my doorstep four hours before I left on the cruise.  Threw it in my bag and off we went.  This is how it looks:
Sigh.  I'm stuck with it but am not happy, especially since I paid full price.  It's been worn and washed.  I think the neckline is a bit too high for me and the back is too sheer.  The print is cute.
You can see the bra really well.  The front is fine because of the print.  Online there is no wording at the bottom.  however, on my shirt it does have Cote d'azure on bottom left.
Now for the cruise.  It's was great.  Ate too much, drank too much, sunned too much, was a total slug.  I do have the most sanitized hands though. 
Fairchild's Tropical Garden, Miami
Nassau Bahamas
Perfect weather everyday.


  1. Oh love the vacation pics! Thanks for the good reviews! I am glad I did not order the short sleeve chambray - thick shirts are not my friend! The tshirt would irk me too and I hate it when I keep things because I have to not because I want to!

    1. I'm still irked about the tee. I'll give it a chance since I'm stuck with it.

  2. I really like the bag! Ignore the hubs - men are useless when it comes to handbags. Glad you enjoyed your vacation, you lucky duck!

    1. I like the bag just wish he'd done his typical indifferent comments. Think he was just trying to tease me. Of course the next person I saw was my my who loved it. Go figure.

  3. Blue seas, slug - sign me up!

    1. Reality is finally sinking in. It's been four days and not one damn Chocolate on my pillow at night. No towel animals either.

  4. I really like the bag - different compartments appeal to me. I dream of being super-organised. The shirt's Peter Pan collar is so cute, shame it had to go back. Slug life sounds good!

    1. Slug life was great. I could do that often.

  5. That's not an old lady bag. They clip the backs of tops on the models for a tighter fit. Or as you said, she was Photoshopped. Glad you had a good vacation!