Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Graduation Dress Time...which will I choose?

I am starting to get a wee bit anxious now that my daughter will be leaving the nest in four months.  After watching the season finally of Walking Dead, she turned to me and said, "When this starts in the fall I will not be able to watch it with you.  I will be in college."
Time to shop for a dress for her graduation.  Here is my bounty, but I can only choose one.
First,  Ellen Tracy Cap Sleeve Sheath, size 10 Green here
On the model:
Ellen Tracy Cap Sleeve Sheath Dress
 It is 100% Cotton, Lining is 100% Polyester, Belt is...I'm not sure.  yes it does come with the belt.  Care instructions are to turn inside out and hand wash.

On me:
 It has pockets.
OK, the belt is definitely NOT leather.
Back of belt...pain in arse to get the pegs in and out of holes.
 Lining is exact same color.
Back of dress with hidden zipper.
My friends who travel with me.
My armpit and a shot of profile.  Starting to really dislike belt.
This dress was okay.  I could not get a good shot of the back with me in it.  The top of the back just gaped.  Overall, it looked big everywhere but the chest. 
Second,  Laundry by Shelli Segal Ponte Knit Sheath Dress, size 10 Inkblot here
On the model:
Laundry by Shelli Segal Ponte Knit Sheath Dress
Dress is 68% Rayon, 27% Nylon , 5% Spandex .  Lining is 100% Polyester.
Care instruction are to machine wash with like colors.

On me:
No pockets
Up close of the laser cut details.
No hidden zipper but I'm okay with this.
Lining.  It is not tacked at the bottom.  Will probably do myself so it doesn't ride up while sitting and moving.
Here are my friends.
Here is my pit.
Side shot.  Well....I may need a bit of shape wear.
Close up of laser cut at hem.

I really like this dress.  Of course it is more expensive, by $100, than the others.

Finally, Anthropologie Lace-Yoke Dress, size 10 Sky
On Model:
HD in Paris Lace-Yoke Dress
100% Polyester.  Lining 100% Polyester.  Fret work 65% cotton, 35% nylon.
Care instructions are to machine wash with like colors.

On me:
I now have one big friend instead of two.
There's my pit and a whole lot of boobage.  They grew in a minute.  Side zipper.
Hey, it has pockets.
Back of dress.  Waist band has a bit of elastic to help accentuate the waist.
I tried a necklace to elongate but I just look like have no torso...kind of squatty.  This would be a cute dress on my daughter.  Just made me feel old.
I ordered the Anthro dress through my personal shopper.  Because I got free express shipping I threw in one more dress...
Anthro Anila Shirt Dress, size 10 Navy here
On model:
Meadow Rue Anila Shirtdress

On me:
Not liking Anthro right now.  I felt like I had a house coat on.  I am attracted to shirt dresses but they never work on my body.  I forgot to check but I do think it is 100% Cotton.
Buttons only on top.  There was no gaping.
The tie is pitiful.
The sleeves will roll down.
Print at bottom...all messed up.  But it is panelled for pocket.  Online photo they did a better job with the dress model is wearing.
What happens to dress if I just move my arm chest high. Sigh. I suddenly feel old and worn out.
This is what I wore to my son's high school graduation last year...and I hated it.  I really felt like a mom in this.  I had ordered a dress and it was on back order FOREVER. 
So what do you think?  Not about last year, but my laser cut sheath.  I am keeping that one.


  1. You are one hot mama in that blue sheath dress! That is the one I was going to pick for you before I saw that you chose it as well. It looks fab on you!

  2. Me too, it's the best one, it looks great on you and I think it is perfect for the event.
    Those are some fine looking kids you have!!

    1. Thanks! Kids come from good stock :)

    2. Totally agree - what a great looking family! One more vote for the expensive blue sheath. It looks great on you, and the cut-out detail is lovely.

    3. I am so happy with the dress and the family. Guess the kids are keepers too.

  3. I am with everyone - I LOVE you in that dress - why don't you live closer so we can swap now and then???? Oh wait - you would hate the snow!

    Your children are beautiful! I just realized I will need a dress for graduation, but I think I will go with the red dress I got in NYC - our school colours are black and yellow and that just screams bumblebee to me!!!

    1. Oh if it snows more than twice a year I'll move farther south. Your red dress will be perfect on that special day. I am getting sappy already. I stressed all summer when before Tyler left. Thought second child was suppose to be easier.

  4. I love that second dress and it looks great you.

    1. I can even get into and out of it by myself. Gotta love nylon and spandex.

  5. I liked the green until I saw the navy, what a figure, buy it now!

    1. It is mine. Well, they all are until I return them today and then get the money back in 10 to 14 days.

  6. The Laundry dress is a great fit and looks beautiful on you, so glad you're keeping it. Lovely looking offspring - great looking mother!

    1. I will take all those compliments. Thank you very much.

  7. The Laundry one looks lovely on you. The green one looked good too, but it sounded like it didn't fit as well. Def keep the kids -- they're adorable!

    1. Kids are pretty cute. kind of grown attached to them.

  8. I vote for Laundry, too. I liked the green, too. If it doesn't fit well I get it, don't force it.

    1. Thanks. The green was just "fine". The laundry is "great".