Monday, November 4, 2013


 My trip in pictures (and a few words)...

*Most pictures are scavenged of the internet*


Hunter got us an upgrade.  Good boy.

Chicago, IL: Pizano's Pizza - some of the best I have tasted!

We always eat here when we go to Chicago.
Actually have had a waitress offer to get us weed once…so funny.

Pizano's Pizza & Pasta: Inside Pizano's on State


Hunter, after the meal.

Hermes Logo Inspires A New Trend

Hmmm.  Wonderif/what I got?!

 Time to party…
We went to 
Ken Saunders Gallery and ECHT Gallery and met up with friends.

I took the one above :)

Farmhouse Restaurant.  Neat place.  Second time there.  Very, very loud this time.  Recommend though.

Night, Night.


Hanigs Footwear in the John Hancock Center

Got Hunter shoes…post later.

SOFA - Sculpture Objects Functional Art & Design

There's my little work of art.

*Allium Bar was in our hotel.  My feet were killing me so I went to bar with Mr. H, got my wine, straight to room and a bath.  Before I left, I had noticed two very attractive young ladies.  After I left, the following conversation began…
Ladies:  Were you not with some one?
Mr. H: Yes, she went to the room.
Ladies:  Oh, are you staying then?
Mr. H: No, she's waiting for me with her feet up in the air.
Ladies:  What?  Why?
Mr. H:  She's waiting for me to rub them.
Ladies:  *Silence*

Hunter is so suave he can't even pick up prostitutes (which I know they were, he's not sure).

If your neighborhood bagel-and-lox place happened to be lit by a massive chandelier
Dillman's..Had the chicken pot pie.  I would go back.

ZZZZZZZ  In bed by 10:00PM


Up at 5:30 AM.  Shit, forgot about the time change…up at 4:30 AM. Ugh.

Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread & Wine Photo

Challerhocker…best cheese ever.

Got me shoes…post later.
Stuart Weitzman

Purple Pig Menu in Chicago

Highly recommend.  Communal dining…ate pig's tail - very good.

One more time.

Got a scarf.

Henri's.  Had the tasting menus.  Ate really different stuff.  Was good, not great.  Service excellent.

Time for bed.

Back home Monday.


  1. Good to have you back with some items crossed off your list. We missed you!
    That Hunter, he's a keeper. I have a feeling we'd be really good friends "in real life". Did you go to SOFA just for fun? That looks like the kind of place where my design foend husband could spend days or even months.

    1. Hunter loves glass and has wanted to go to SOFA for a few years now. It was really amazing... A bit overwhelming but amazing.

  2. You're hilarious:)
    I can't wait to see what you bought!

    1. I'm pretty damn excited. I had them shipped so I didn't have to pay tax or try to find room in suitcase.

  3. Looks like a fun trip. I like your art, better than was at SOFA. Too funny about the "ladies"! Men are so naive. Hunter sounds like a real keeper. Lucky you :-)

    1. He's pretty clueless sometimes. I mentioned unescorted ladies just don't start talking to a single gentleman at a bar. He just thought they were being friendly.

  4. It looks like it was so much fun. I would like one of each of the textured glass bowls. Hunter's story at the bar is priceless. The pizza looks crazy good!

    1. We had a ball. Pizza is very good and hard to walk away from when full.

  5. Oh how fab! Can't wait to see what you bought. And Hunter's shoes!
    Too funny about the prossies!

    1. When I saw them I just thought they were very beautiful ladies. High class pros sites at that.

    2. That would be sites could work maybe.

  6. This is an excellent post, though I felt like I had whiplash! That Hunter - you gotta love him!

    1. It was go go go. You should have seen him in hermes. Tod's he fell asleep within five minutes.

  7. That Hunter! What a good guy, he clearly sees the best in people which is a rare trait! Well you know we are also excited to see the results of the shopping. Glad you're back safe and sound.

    1. Just have to wait for the delivery man/woman to show up.

  8. Not at all surprised that Mr H secured you an upgrade! Look forward to seeing your purchases.

    1. Oh in his off hand way he really is quite charming.

  9. Funtimes in the big city--looks like good food. And good company.

    1. Always fun but by manoday afternoon I was ready for him to go to work :)

  10. My husband always loses at the "Let's Spot the Prostitute" game too. So innocent. Welcome back - looks like you had an amazing trip! I want to see what you bought. :)

    1. Cute. Actually got two of the three (not including the art) that we got this afternoon.