Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Birthday Haul - Anthro and a Beautiful Bag

It always amazes me that my husband gets the exact thing I want...or things.  Of course it always helps that I actually purchase my gifts and just tell him thanks.  Anthropologie actually opened a store here in Knoxville two weeks ago and I finally got to it the other day.  Someday I'll actually have time to peruse the home wares but this particular day I was looking strictly at the clothing.  I tried on quite a few frogs before I found my princes.  Girl always needs more than one...

Ruffled Picea Buttondown, Size 10, Green Motif here

For some reason this blouse is buried in their website and I could not get a picture to copy.  So, I will just be the model...

On me:

Perfect shade of green.  Sleeves 3/4 length.

Normally I shy away from any embellishment on the chest...detracts from the girls and makes them look even larger.

The ruffles lay relatively flat and also hide any possible gaping.

Nice detail around the collar

Loop and button at the sleeve.

Back view

Aw, they even gave me an extra button AND this is hand washable (polyester).

Beautiful detail on the ruffles.

The girls say hi.  No cleavage.

Side shot.  Do not believe the ruffles add a whole lot more to my profile.  Shirt can be worn out or tucked.

A nice fitted shape.  I have got to stop looking down...my chins say hi too, I guess.

Small detail at shoulder.

This is what I have been looking for in a green blouse.


Jersey Fatigue Jacket, Size L, Green here

Anthro is not cooperating with me on pictures today.

On me



Drawstring at waist.  Made of a strong lace.

Inner button and snap close.

Can roll the sleeves up.

Or wear them down.

Back view.

Little lace detail on the inside.

Machine washable.

This is a perfect jacket for Eastern Tennessee in both fall and spring.  The color is really a soft fatigue green.  It is stretchy, spandex.  It is soft, cotton.  And of course we throw some polyester in there too.  I tried on the medium put it pulled across the girls just a bit too much, fit better in the shoulders though.  I  would wear this over tees and smooth sweaters.  Nothing real thick or you would look lumpy/bumpy.

And finally my new bag...

Rebecca Minkoff Mab Mini, Port here

I am pretty much a one bag woman.  Remember, I am a slug.  It takes a lot of effort for me to change bags.  Not that I have a lot of shit, I'm just lazy.  But it is time to change it up a bit.  I have a lovely bag I use fall/winter but I love the oxblood/wine/port/bordeaux (the list goes on) color.  Unfortunately, it doesn't love my skin tone too much.  So a bag and/or shoes is what I am stuck with...I went with the bag.

There it is!

Large front pocket.

Interior has large zip pocket and a pouch on one side.

Two pouches on the other.

Nothing here.

Side detail for when using as a handbag and best picture for the true color.
Looking good with the flops.

Fits under armpit.

Oops, forgot to flip.  Anyway, undo and you have yourself a crossbody.
The strap is NOT adjustable.  Nice length for 5'6 frame.

And across the body and through the boobs.

Not sure why these are here.  One on each side.  You detach the strap but the hook parts remain.  I guess they are for show.

They call this a mini but it is full size.

A bit smaller than my usual bag.  The quality is great and all the storage pockets are right up my alley. 

Now, if I want to match shoes...

I'll be wearing these.  DV by Dolce Vita Gelle Flat here
They are like wearing slippers and only $70.  No stretching, no extra padding needed.  
Well, that's what the hubs got me.  He did good didn't he?


  1. Your hubs did great! ;) That bag is a gorgeous color, and the size is very nice. Beautiful shirt and great jacket too. Happy birthday!!!

  2. I love the Bag!!! The color of the blouse is gorgeous too!

  3. Happy birthday! Your husband has great taste :D That is all nice but the green top in particular is crazy flattering on you. That's two green tops you've been drawn to lately, I think your favorite color might be changing.

    1. I have been searching for green specifically. Trying to step out of my blue box. Don't worry, my heart belongs to navy.

  4. Happy birthday BB(i thought your birthday is on the 14th?)!!!!

    Love your husbands choices and the bag is the best.
    Green is a great color for you.

    I have a question.What do you have to do to get the anthro birthday discount?

    1. It is the 14th...I'm just impatient :) To get the discount you have to have their loyalty card. It is not a credit card, just a loyalty card. Benefits are the birthday discount of 15%, 1st dibs on special sales and items, sometimes you get shipping perks, once in a blue moon a discount. You can sign up at the store or on line. Then every time you buy you give them your card along with payment and it helps them track you. Similar to the J Crew card.

      I am so excited to see my son this week end. Wish i was in Atlanta for longer than 24 hrs. Promise I'll come see you...maybe this spring/summer.

  5. Fabulous birthday gifts there. I especially love that green top. So many feminine details, beautiful color and very flattering. Same goes for the jacket. I can't tell you how cute that lace drawstring is, it's the little details that can make all the difference.
    I won't tell you what number RM I am up to so I give a big thumbs up to your lovely new bag. :) The MAM is the perfect size and if I could have one in every color, I probably would.

    1. I had looked at the RM Mac but this bag "spoke" to me. You know how it is. Suppose to have bait of a cool spell come through this weekend...81 instead of 90. Where was this weather a month ago?

  6. Good job to the hubs! Wow that green blouse is so beautiful on you, it is just perfect, colour, cut, drape of the fabric, the whole thing! The jacket is also the most perfect thing, you can wear that on a daily basis with jeans and your blonde hair and what more do you need?
    AND the bag is the perfect shade of that shade of red, and I so agree that going with the bag or shoes is the best idea for these hard to wear colours.
    Happy Birthday Darling!

    1. He tries doesn't he. Will get to see son which I am excited about...and he says he has cut his hair...thank you God.

  7. Oh wow! That green blouse is utter perfection on you - what great taste your husband has ;-)

    Love the jacket and the bag too!

    Hope you have a great birthday on Saturday!!

    1. Actually looking forward to this bday. 22 was my worst...felt like nothing to look forward to except my AARP card and senior discounts.

  8. Doesn't that work the best, when you say Honey, look at what you got for me for my birthday, thanks you got me exactly what I wanted!

    Each thing is perfect. You look beautiful in that green, of course you need at least two of that color.

    Happy birthday early to you, girl!

    1. We are both so much happier when I buy my own gifts.

  9. I'm a lazy slug too, from one to the other, Happy Birthday! I couldn't let my husband buy anything for me, whenever he has to go for the shopping, we end up fighting as he can't tell an aubergine from a tomato - his lot weren't brought up with vegetables, it's a strange new world for him.

    1. That's something I can always do...raise a glass.

  10. Yay you! So happy you got these lovely things - they all look great! I really love the bag - we looked at some of hers in Saint John several weeks ago, but didn't bite as I bought the blue messenger! Husband did SO well!

    1. Looked at mini Mac awhile ago for daughter. Quality seems to be there with RM.

  11. I love all of it!!!! Happy Birthday! September babies absolutely ROCK!

  12. Hubs is genius here, high marks for him. Everything is perfect. Happy Birthday! ( at 49, AARP sends out the cards!).