Monday, August 18, 2014

The Fun Starts Now

It has been five days since our return from Family Vacation.  

Tyler returned to Auburn straight from the fun filled days of Wyoming.  He has actually started his Junior year today.  GASP!  Aw, so many things to make me feel old.  Emily will be heading out this Saturday.  SIGH!  I need a vacation to recover from all this.

Wait a minute....

Day 1

First, we spent a lot of extra time in the Knoxville airport.  Had to run two terminals in the Atlanta airport and made our connection with enough time for Hunter to visit the restroom.  Doors shut, wheels up, when did you start paying $6 for the movie on Delta?!  That's okay.  Emily got me addicted to Sponge Bob Diner Dash (don't ask).

We stayed here:

suite bedroom
We were told we missed Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey McGuire by a few days.  Supposedly Leo has gotten fat, wears his hair like a samurai, and smokes e-cigarrettes non stop.  Who knew.

Isn't it beautiful?
Don't they look so happy?
Hunter and the kids went fly fishing Thursday morning.   I, meanwhile, did a salt scrub and a 60 minute massage at the spa and then quiet lunch of pork tacos.  Who do you think had more fun?

Tyler - 3 fish
Emily - 0 fish
Hunter - 0 fish

And four hours later they were back.  They all agreed it was about an hour too long but fun.


Day 2

Guess what we did for four hours today?

Pick up at 8:00AM

Hunter is riding Goliath and Tyler is on his brother Cub
I have ridden horses a few times in my life.  But not for four hours!!!   Who planned this?

We will be going up to the top of this hill...I call it a mountain, they call it a hill...and having lunch.

Hunter, Goliath, me, Twilight, Emily, Scotch(?), Tyler, Cub

We made it and yes we even trotted.  Then Hunter yelled quite a few expletives and said never again. He says his stirrups were too long so things were beating on the saddle. 

Time to eat, stretch our legs, and view the sights...



We have to get back on the horses.

Wasn't pretty but Tyler did it.  Emily, of course, sprang right up.  I got a bit of a boost from Hunter.

Hunter, well....

Both arms still working here, but the left is soon to be a goner.

He forgot to use his legs, the saddle wasn't tight enough, he was too strong, a bit portly.  The saddle kept slipping to the side.  Three times, his luck ran out, foot got stuck, and ever so slowly he rotated off Goliath and onto the ground.  It was so funny!  He popped up with thumbs up.  Found an old tree stump to use and we were off for two more friggin' hours.  Within twenty minutes Hunter informed me he could not lift his left arm up at all.  By the time we were done he was hurting.
Aleve or Tylenol, his pick.  Tough SOB, a bit whiney though.  We found out when we got home that he did fracture his upper arm right below the ball.  Suck it up because...

Let's go into Jackson Hole with the other million tourist and do some shopping.

Yeah, not having a lot of many people, hotter than we thought, our pussies hurt.  Antlers are not real.

And then rest up honey, tomorrow we whitewater raft and go to the rodeo.  Yay!


  1. SO he was still functioning after that bar not able to lift his arms??

    He is proper tough aint he?

    Love that place so much - not a week goes by without me thinking about yellowstone. You are so lucky to have gone!!!

    Did you go to Cody for the rodeo? I hope you did. I thought about moving there...

    1. He still can't raise his left arm very high but he can raise a glass with his right hand. We went to the Jackson rodeo..I'll tell you about it soon

  2. Great pics and trotting with too long stirrups could be even more painful than a broken arm. Poor Hunter!

    1. I do believe both were painful but the arm soon took over.

  3. Maybe the cowboy loosened Hunters saddle so he could have you ladies all to himself.....Though I don't know how he was going to get rid of Tyler. I suppose once his plan for the pack leader failed, he just gave up. Hunter proved to be tougher than the sneaky cowboy thought...
    Beautiful scenery. Such a wonderful part of the world.
    Does Hunter have a cast? Can you sign it "Beware of sneaky cowboys. Love, Bebe" for me?

    1. The doctor urged a sling but macho Hunter refused. It should heal on it's own in a month...I hope.

  4. Good Crikes poor Hunter! But you know what tough as nails, most people would have been sobbing on the ground. Wish him Get Well Soon from his fans!
    And BB you have a really beautiful family, good work Darling.

    1. Well thanks. I am quite taken with my crew. We had our moments but, besides the arm, it was a fun trip. Lots of memories.

  5. Poor Hunter!!! You are not selling Wyoming to me!

    1. Wyoming is beautiful. Would definitely recommend...just don't do four hours on a horse.

  6. Your blog posts are always so amusing. Sounds as if you had fun despite the injuries. Hoping Hunter is healing up quickly, poor guy. The place you stayed looks gorgeous!

    1. Amangani was gorgeous just gobs of money. They don't even bring you your bill at the end of the meal. Trust them. Who can be bothered with trivial things like that. I found it a bit unnerving but their hospitality and service is right up there with the best of them.

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