Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Fun Continues

Back to our fun filled days in Wyoming for all that are interested.

Day 3

White water rafting with the one armed wonder was fun.  At first Hunter wasn't going to go, which I suggested, but he changed his mind.  Afraid he might miss out on all the FUN. No pictures but we thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Nap, dinner, drinks, rodeo...

**All photos taken by iPhone**

Bull Riding

More Bull Riding...I think out of fifteen riders only two made it the eight seconds

Two man calf roping...husband and wife team won

Bareback Bronco...this guy was great, he won.  The horse took him all over the ring.

Still on.

 We saw a little bit of everything.  Even Joe Biden and all his Secret Service friends.  At the end of the rodeo they had the peewee bull riding.  Don't worry, the kids wear helmets and the small "bulls" simply saunter around looking for grass.


Day 4

Up at 5:00AM for 6:00AM pick up with our new family member and guide Taylor.  Poor guy, not sure he knew what he was getting into.  He will be taking us through the Grand Tetons, on our way to Yellowstone, and two full days in Yellowstone.  Three full days with the Harrisons...gonna be fun!

What's better than an animal?  A baby animal!  Moose.


More Elk

More Moose...have never seen a moose before


Ground Squirrels

An Asian tourist asked me if this was a's a moose.

More Bison

Me looking for wolves

Joe Biden
This guy, Joe Biden, was everywhere.  Spotted him again.

My little herd

We rest our heads here:

Yellowstone under Canvas
Yellowstone Under Canvas


Two more days....and it's ALL about Yellowstone, finally!


  1. What a fabulous adventure. I was raised in Alberta and my great uncle owned a big cattle ranch in Montana so I grew up with a lot of roping and riding surrounding me. The wee ones used to ride the sheep (alas, I was a mere spectator.) I love your photos. (Also, fly fishing had been on my bucket list for a long time but perhaps now not so much?)

    1. They say fly fishing is very relaxing but fishing in General is like need to win once in awhile.

  2. Hee Haw! Love me a rodeo. Great pics and I swear those bison - so many people ignored warnings and were going up to their face despite warnings. I was like smokey the bear telling everyone to back up!

    1. Emily kept waiting for a you tube video moment with tourist versus bison but we never saw it. I just love me a cowboy...and Hunter too :)

  3. Looks fantastic! Can't wait for Yellowstone, I want to go there next fall.

    1. Yellowstone is beautiful. It's taking me awhile to go through the pictures.

  4. I've never been to a rodeo! Your moose pictures are amazing. I've never seen one of them either. Magnificent looking beasts! Your photos are gorgeous. I've never been to Yellowstone either!! WTF have I been doing my whole life? Looking forward to seeing more.

    1. I do recommend a visit to that part of the country. Yellowstone will not disappoint.

  5. Hey guys! It’s Taylor from EcoTour Adventures. Great post and so fun reading about your trip! Hope to see you again.