Monday, August 4, 2014

I am ready!

I am ready to PAINT!!!!

But what color?

Will be painting my dining room.  Should I go with this lovely color?

Neutral paint color Westhighland White (SW 7566) from the Pottery Barn & Sherwin-Williams Fall/Winter 2013 Color Collection.

Or this one?

I do understand they are complete opposites on the color wheel and each has it's own "feel".  
And of course, the room will look COMPLETELY different depending which I choose.

Of course, the family is of no use.  Hubs likes one, daughter likes the other, son is in Auburn and really 
doesn't give a s$%t.

My plan is to go plain and let my junk shine.  Sigh.

I shall retreat to Wyoming for a week and then make this "big" decision.


  1. I am grey. Very soothing! But by all means, drink a little and rest before the big decision. One can't rush these things...

    1. Every time we/I go to decorate the first thing out of. Hunter's mouth is "No grey". Which can be very frustrating....

  2. The second one - more tone and depth. I think it will go better with morning sun and afternoon light. Did you paint a swab on the wall?

    1. It's called Steamed Milk. Sexy eh? That is the one I am leaning towards. No swatch..we just commit.

  3. Oh take me to Wyoming, I've always wanted to go there.

    What's your light like? That is the question one is warm, one is cool....

    1. Never been there before but so, so ready. People who have gone say you'll never want to come back...until winter. Dining room, large window but covered porch in front. Not a lot of light. Chandelier...I have to pick that too. Such pressure.

  4. Hello,

    The first.

    Better to decide than dither.......a maxim we have always adhered to!

    Happy hols!

  5. Go lighter my friend. It always looks darker on the wall than in the can or in a swatch. Have fun in Wyoming!!

  6. Test both colours on several walls. You will be shocked of the results.

    In my previous home, I once tested 15 colours before deciding on the final (a beautiful caramel).

  7. Mrs. BB
    How does the light enter your room? For me, I tend to prefer richer darker tones, unless, of course, the light dictates otherwise. One advantage of darker walls, they help mask the inevitable smudges, streaks, and splotches that children, pets, and drunken guests leave behind…

  8. Hmm...I would need to know more about the room. I think you should buy a small can of each and put some on the walls and then decide.
    I love the Hattatts: "better to decide than dither". They are the gift that keeps on giving!
    Don't worry about it either way-Wyoming will straighten it all out. Wish I was going
    Have a wonderful time

  9. I know exactly what you're coming from in choosing these seemingly un? in? discernible shades. However. When you actually paint them on they are so much more white or creamer or greyer than you think. I am useless with color but My color person has taught me in every color there is brown or grey or whatever undertones. I have been on no use at all here. But as Bebe says we need to see the room.

    as bebe also says about the Hattats - indecision is a decision in itself. I think you should choose get the painters in and then be ready to get them back. But what about robins egg blue - I love colour on walls