Friday, October 12, 2012

J Crew Night Shirt in End-on-End Cotton

I really did not give "sleepwear" much thought until my son got to a certain age.  Then...I was always on the hunt for something I could wear not neccessarily to bed but at night and early morning.  I am a 36D and want to let those girls free in the evenings.  I do not want to always have to wear a robe or some terry cloth or flannel item of clothing.  I gave this a try because I wanted something to lay in bed and watch TV, read, etc. but still be decent in case my son came in, whatever...
On the Model
Nightshirt in end-on-end cotton
On Me
Forgive the wrinkly knees and the double chin.  I do find it interesting the differences in the actual night shirt on the model versus what I got.  Pocket on different side.  Buttons on different side.  Her's looks lighter and shorter (okay she is probably 6'.  I am 5'6).  The color in my picture is spot on.
It is a thick, soft cotton yet still crisp.  I am not wearing a bra and it looks modest.  I did get a large because I wanted it big but I think I could have gotten a medium and been fine.  I usually wear medium except when shirts have buttons.  Then it is size 10 or Large.  However...Since I have no bra and they are not standing proud, a medium would have been fine.  Happy with the large tho.
Side profile
My shoulders are pulled back and no peekage.  Keeper.  Although, now it's cooler and I am breaking out the flannel!!

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  1. Considering this item right now, thanks to your review J Crew just made another holiday sale.
    Thanks Blue!