Sunday, December 1, 2013

Update on my 101 List

Some of these things scare the hell out of me.  Why did I put them on the list.  Like eating the tofu dish…GACK!  But, i am making progress.  Little Women will be done soon, I will host Christmas dinner for the entire damn family (10 people…big enough), dessert at Melting Pot sounds like the thing to do this weekend, I'll even have a shot, and if I am feeling daring I will try to touch my toes.  All this travel and eating has made tying my shoes quite difficult…maybe it is time to try the tofu.

  1. Complete 101 list      this was really tough
  2. Ride a motorcycle
  3. Celebrate 25th anniversary in Tuscany
  4. Go to a concert   saw Joe Bonamassa
  5. Go to the opera
  6. Visit New Orleans
  7. Vegas Baby
  8. Learn some Italian
  9. Watch a professional football game live
  10. Watch Citizen Kane
  11. Visit a blogger friend
  12. Start a vegetable garden
  13. Add sunroom to house
  14. Remodel master bath shower
  15. Install a security gate on driveway
  16. Buy opera length pearl necklace
  17. Run a 3K race
  18. Run a 5K race
  19. Try caviar  there is a difference between cheap and good caviar- don't like either
  20. Get in touch with an old friend
  21. Make a new friend
  22. Go on vacation with just my sister
  23. Take a pottery class
  24. Get a massage  
  25. Go to SOFA
  26. Bake and decorate a cake
  27. Eat a tofu dish
  28. Sell a house
  29. Take Softplan course
  30. Find a new church home
  31. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  32. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
  33. Visit Napa Valley (California)
  34. Clean out my garage
  35. Sleep under the stars
  36. Play in the rain
  37. Have my cartoon portrait done
  38. Buy bracelet from Hermes  Yeah!
  39. Spend the whole day reading
  40. Watch movies on a rainy day
  41. Don't get out of bed until noon
  42. Stay up past midnight  Did this two nights in a row in Vegas - Livin' large
  43. No TV or computer for a day
  44. Have a party
  45. Place a max bet on a penny slot machine Got nothing
  46. Go to the horse races
  47. Do the Bourbon Trail
  48. Fast for a day
  49. Sew a pillow
  50. Repot all my house plants
  51. See a magician
  52. Have a banana split for lunch
  53. Get my palm read
  54. Do a shot
  55. Learn to use my camera
  56. Go commando
  57. Take Nana to Cherokee
  58. See Mark and Kara's new house
  59. Get a pedicure
  60. Try eggs benedict Not sure why I was afraid of this…not bad
  61. Touch my toes
  62. Start yoga...again
  63. Finish kids photo albums
  64. Eat Chicago Pizza Still trying to get back into my pants - gained 5 pounds
  65. Visit the zoo
  66. Help Karns high school
  67. Go to hockey game
  68. Read Little Women
  69. Write a love letter to Hunter
  70. See a waterfall
  71. Make a snowman
  72. Go tubing
  73. Learn to shoot a gun
  74. Eat beets
  75. Pick blackberries
  76. Travel on a whim Trip to Chicago
  77. Make S'mores
  78. Get a massage from the mall massage guy
  79. Take a picture of my deer
  80. Make a Key Lime Pie
  81. Buy a new lipstick color
  82. Dessert at Melting Pot
  83. Wine by the Fire wine inside, wine in the bath, wine at the table ...
  84. Vacation with the whole family…one more time
  85. See a shooting star
  86. Vote
  87. Host a big meal for entire family
  88. Feed a squirrel that was easy, the damn squirrel now eats all my bird food…bastard
  89. Wash my windows
  90. Fix my oven fan had repair man out, suggested I just wait until oven dies
  91. Have overnight guests
  92. Take a class with Marga
  93. Get a Physical
  94. Sell things on Ebay
  95. Do the crossword puzzle every day
  96. Make my own peppermint bark
  97. Golf with my parents
  98. Buy a sweater from Brora
  99. Go to the ballet
  100. Watch Orange is the New Black   Funny
  101. Skinny Dip


  1. You are really breezing through this list. So proud of you, BB. Like I said, happy to help with 11 or 91 :)

    1. Anytime baby. You are always welcome at my house. Where do you live? I would love to come see you...please don't say Bismark ;)

    2. California, so I would really be twisting your arm ;)
      We split our time between LA and the Bay Area, but are mostly in LA for the next year or so.

  2. Next time youre in Atlanta,let me know and you can cross nr 11 from your list.

    1. You my darling are a given unless you are mysteriously "out of town" when the date is set:)

  3. We live in the Napa Valley, would be happy to show you around when you come visit.

    1. Yeah, I now have a designated driver...just kidding. Hoping for fall of 2014. I got you down.

  4. Good work! Waiting to hear that you're coming back to NY!

    and you probably do speak a little Italian, what do you have after the Movies? Right, pizza. And what goes with meatballs? Etc etc. ok, now you can cross that one off! Still uncertain? Buy a Dean Martin album!

    1. NY is usually a last minute, I gotta go thing. Don't hide from me...I'll find you next time.

  5. 16, 17, 73 this summer. Also what the hell- 101- you have done that every year.

    Oh and I say we go to Africa again for 84 or we could go to Australia during Christmas............

    1. That's my girl. What not man enough for 18? And yes, we will sew a pillow together. Australia could be any money? Love you.

    2. I meant 18 instead of 16. also even if i had money I wouldn't give it to you

    3. But I like 16 over 18. I do need to do something soon…must stay away from the peppermint bark!

  6. #83...haha! Sounds like you have a pretty good handle on this list so far BB. And those squirrels are little pests. They chewed wires in my truck so that it wouldn't start. The little buggers. I think it was in protest because I hadn't filled their feeder in a while.

    1. We are also feeding a chipmunk, which is pretty darn cute. This is getting rather expensive though.

    2. nice, I want pics!

  7. If you come visit me you could knock off #11 and I promise I could make you a tofu dish you'd say delish to, knocking off #27 as well. While here, you could easily do #65 (ours is world famous) and get #69 done. Ha, we just did #77 at the tailgate!

    1. San Diego? That I could do. Last time I was there I was in 5th grade. I still remember how beautiful it was. If I am wrong, please correct me.

  8. Make list of 101 things to do would only make it 102...
    But well done you - you can go online for an italian word a day - so that could be crossed off this week? which reminds me i have to get chugging along little women as well! it is in two weeks...But have you never done a shot? I wish I could give you one of my past many...

    1. I have not done a shot in close to 30 years. Was going to do in vegas but I couldn't think of anything but Sex on the Beach or Panty Dropper. Funny, I thought I should do an "adult" shot but got scared of just whiskey or tequila.

    2. Lordy, I did a Pickleback at home last week, a shot of pickle juice out the jar followed by a shot of bourbon, eek, they cost a small fortune in London just now, my quote was " so glad I never paid for that"
      dare ya!

  9. Love this! I think I will work on my list over the holidays. I think you are grabbing life by the - well you know what by - and think it is so cool!

    1. Not sure if I will ever sleep in past noon unless I am deathly ill but the rest is a nice mix. It does help keep focus. I will be very interested in your list.

    2. Me too, I'd have to be on my deathbed, I wake the house at 6.00am every day.

  10. On the catch up, ok I am a cynical bugger, I just think, if I wanted to be doing it, I'd be doing it.
    It's not the American way is it? They will never let me in full time! 'Wrong personality"

  11. They let just about everyone in. I will not do the pickle shot...quite impressed that you did. I guess the list helps with any procrastination and a bit of dreaming.

  12. You are doing so well on your list! Awesome. :)

    1. There you. I was thinking of you today and was a bit worried. Have not "seen" you since you were ill. Hope you are doing great. The list is actually quite fun and I will be forever grateful to you...except why did I put eat beets?!