Sunday, December 8, 2013

I want THIS for Christmas

It is almost three in the afternoon and it has rained, hard, for the last two days.  It is also quite cold by my standards…not yours, mine.  I have taken a bath and am now in my pajamas.  I know, it's good to be the Queen.

I have another potential Christmas gift for myself (thanks again to Emily, she knows me so well)...

Wine Bottle Glass, $14

Come on, you want one too.


  1. Sorry I didn't have time to comment yesterday as I was too busy making use or some version of the gift described above! I wanted to tell you how beautiful and festive your home looks for Christmas. I was trying to convince my family that the tree was so lovely and simple with only lights on it. Now you and WMM have inspired me to get my lazy but in gear and get the ornaments out and make this place reay for Christmas!
    I thought of you last night as we were meeting friends for a holiday dinner at a restaurant which is on 49th St. And Ave of the Americas ( one ave west of Rockefeller Plaza). The tree was beautiful but the mob scene we met while trying to make our way there,was totally out of control! I guess the crowds in midtown go with the territory especially at Christmas time. Your Fall adventure was well timed.
    Enjoy your lovely home and your new wine "glass"!

    1. Thank you. I actually kind of dreaded decorating this year but once I started I kinda got into it...then I drank. We did spend a few days after Christmas one year in New York. Emily and I had a ball but Tyler and especially Hunter hated the crowds. I do hope you have a very wonderful Christmas.

    2. Still working at it but it's lightly snowing outside the window, and I have a glass of wine nearby. The James Taylor Christmas CD is on repeat. It's beginning to feel like Christmas !

  2. Replies
    1. I especially need it with Little Women. Why am I so weepy?! We'll talk about it next week if I am not all shriveled up like a raisin from crying all the I going through "the change"?

  3. I don't know - could be bigger. :-D

  4. Would be good for whining sessions ...