Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's a Nice Day for a...White Bedding

Enjoy some throwback while we talk Sheets!

I always thought it was just a "Hotel" thing, but white bedding is everywhere on Pinterest, Houzz, etc.  It looks so soft, and cozy, and I can bleach the piss out of it when dirty.


Let's give it a go....

How'd I manage to screw this up.  Looks like jail bedding.
I swear there is a duvet in the duvet cover.  Ain't working for me.  Love the headboard and pillow.  Any suggestions?

Side note:  I recently learned the sushi roll way to place a duvet into a duvet cover.  I still struggled because sometimes I am just incompetent, but I am hoping it will get easier with practice.  Thanks West Elm!

I have been getting a catalog from a company called The White Company.

Has pretty stuff.  
Right now they have 25% off plus free ship over $100.  Let's give it a go.

Loved this...


My version:

Love the pom-poms
 Yep, I have zero originality.  Pretty much copied the look.  Just not so many damn pillows.  Oops, I just counted and I have exactly the same amount of pillows.
This is actually a quilt so it has some texture.  I think that helps.  

We are headed to Winston-Salem, NC  this week end to see Emily and her team compete in DIII Women's College Ultimate Frisbee.  Go Elon!!


  1. What is Billy up to these days?!

    I like white sheets but in my main bedroom I need white BC of the walls and headboard I chose. I used to have fun with covers...

    But I think it's one of the few places where you could go mental with pattern.

    I like white company. It's big over here but I've only tried their candles. Good luck to Emily!

  2. Excellent title. I'm now having flashbacks to the 80's dance parties of my youth, hehe. But Billy is still fun to dance to if not more fun, we were at a house party recently and when he came on we all loved it. Now I'm curious like Naomi though what is he up to these days?
    A white bed is so calming, who wrote on and on about it being a primal womb, maybe David Foster Wallace. I use whites in my kids rooms but for us we have a combination of pale blue and green which I chose to mimic the trees outside the window from my bed. I like to keep it simple though without pattern or too many damn pillows which end up on the floor. I do have an amazing ivory fur throw though, I love that thing. I need it on top of the duvet because it is freezing here pretty much all year round.
    Ultimate frisbee how fun is that, have a great time in NC. XOX

  3. You are too funny-- you have not failed! All our sheets are white,some of the top sheets have a bit of trim on them. Fold the top sheet down over the top of the duvet and you are all set, like the photos. Viola!

  4. I like the scrinkles, looks lived in.
    I am a complete slattern when doing stuff like that so don't ask me...But When I was a chalet "girl" in Swizerland, a friend who was a very posh Norland nanny (nannies to the hyper rich and royalty) taught me to put the duvet inside out and then hold the corners of both the duvet and cover and put it over the top (I'm making it sound so complicated it's not. )
    But then instead of cleaning the ski house I used to just spray toilet spray everywhere so probably just ignore above.

  5. Love the look of white bedding but don't have it now: too many messy people around here. I need to figure out that duvet rolling technique. It seems like the line dancing of housekeeping: everyone else can manage to learn how to do it but me! Enjoy NC!

  6. Should have called a bed bath and beyond expert

  7. Should have called a bed bath and beyond expert

  8. I think Billy is still around and on tour, he came through here a few months ago. I did not go, but his picture was in our local paper and he appeared remarkably preserved.
    I love white sheets! And this is from a nurse of 30 years, I have made up a few hospital beds with white sheets in my day. I think your renditions are fine. They hit the serene, cool, clean, fresh ideal I have in my mind. I separate from the hospital look, though, in that I think a bit of thickness is needed on a bed. A bed needs texture, like the knits or crochet pieces, and something needs to be thick, a thicker quilt, blanket or throw somewhere on the bed. I love your beds.

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