Thursday, March 19, 2015

That's My Girl

To Emily,

You are Bold.

You are Adventurous.

You are Daring.

You are Strong.

You are Brave.

You are Determined.

You are Beautiful.

You are Our Girl.

You Can Do It!

25 Funny Marathon Signs Warning, webpage has some, um, questionable pictures but not regarding the running signs...

Image on Hiit Blog

25 Funniest Running Signs At A Race: #12. SMILE. Remember you paid to do this.


Oh snaps.

When in doubt, state the obvious.

Although Dad and I will not physically be there to watch you run your race Saturday,  you will be in our thoughts all morning, noon, and night...just like any other day :)

Oh, and try not to fall.

We love you.


  1. Go Emily!
    What a beautiful girl she is and gutsy, and those signs are hilarious.
    Let us know how she does BB. xo

    1. She will be on spring break so the most I'll get is a text saying "finished". May have to wait a whole week before I get any details.

  2. Love strong beautiful young women-- I hope she does OK. My fav picture is the little league one with big daddy behind her-- sooo dear!

    1. That actually made the newspaper many moons ago. She was playing shortstop in baseball..she was good, very good. Gave it up for volleyball in 9th grade tho.

  3. Oh i just love these pics and they are the absolute best assortment I've ever seen! So many to love but my absolute FAV is of Hunter giving his little tigress a peptalk about getting in front of a groundball, being mindful of baserunners, and where to make her throw.
    Em and her Mum have a huge fan in Chicago!

    1. It's hard not to show her off. I'm sure she was saying "I know what to do Pop, back off!" She suffers no fool.

  4. Gorgeous pics. What a woman. Good luck!

  5. Go Emily! How can you feel - you have the best mother ever!!!!

  6. Emily totally looks like you!!!!
    Cant wait to hear how it went:)
    Did i tell you that i work for the crew since september?

    1. Well congratulations! Might as well pay you with the amount of sales you likely make for them on Instagram. Hoping to make it to Atlanta this summer...been too long.

  7. GO EMILY GO!! She is beautiful and looks so much like you! Congrats Mom, she's a winner no matter how she does in the race!

  8. Race or no race, you have every reason to be so proud. Go Em Go!

  9. Wonderful pics, what an inspiration! Em chose her parents wisely!