Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hang in There

Spring has sprung and it is glorious.

For my little red haired friend who lives in the frozen tundra that would be you Wendy...

I am off to do Bluebooby things:

1.  Spend 5 hours in the car...Boo.

2.  See Emily...Yay!

3.  Spend 5 hours in the car...Boo.

4.  Charleston for 3 days...Yay!

5.  Spend 5 hours in the car...Boo.

What the hell are we going to talk about for 15 hours?!


  1. Enjoy Theresa!
    Finally spring has arrived here too and it has been in the 80's for the last couple of days.

    1. Maybe we have jumped straight to summer. I bought that striped maxi skirt you reviewed in navy stripe. Love it! Keep meaning to do a review but too lazy. Have a wonderful week end. Much love.

  2. Yes have fun! Oh you'll think of something to talk about. Enjoy the warmth for me, it's going back down to -5 here tomorrow and I can feel that I've lost my toughness for the cold. But I can't complain after seeing the pictures of Wendy's garden.
    Safe driving!

  3. Hello:

    Happily, since we no longer have a motor car, this fate cannot befall us!!

    Safe travelling.

  4. Have fun and have extra shrimp and grits for me!

  5. Oh I'd love to see Charleston, what a great trip and I think we might have to send in a St Bernard for Wendy.

  6. Enjoy your trip. You don't have to talk for 15 hours. When Offspring #1 was little she used to read to us during longer rides. Maybe get a book on tape that you both want to hear.
    Oh, I bet Charleston is blooming right about now....

  7. Get some sleep, on my behalf. I'm yawning just thinking about it. Have a good trip!

  8. Safe travels and have a fun, fun time!

  9. I had to stop and comment. This birdie made me laugh out loud. How did you get this pic?