Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Been Awhile...

Twenty months.  One year and eight months.  It's been awhile but I thought I might just start blogging a bit again.  This is not my New Year's resolution, will get to that at a later date.  Just was thinking it was time.

I lost both of my pups last year.

Minnie passed in April.  She was 15, had hip issues, and had an enlarged heart.  Every time she laid down her heart was pushed into her throat and the last days were so hard.  My favorite kid keeps changing, but Minnie was my favorite pet.  My dog completely.  She was mine and I was hers.

I still had Maggie.

I missed Minnie terribly.  So...I decided to foster kittens.


They are not related but roughly the same age.  I had them for three weeks.  Emily graduated from college (Yay!  and she has a job!) so I got them a few weeks before she came home and then she helped for a week.  Let me just say, they were cute has hell but shit all the time.  Willie was fantastic.   He had personality, was fuzzy soft.  He used the litter box.  Birdie had a round tummy, big eyes, and white whiskers on one side of her face.  She shit everywhere and played in the litter box all the time.  After three weeks they were big enough to be adopted.  I decided I wanted a cat, not kittens.

Everyday I checked the website to see if they had been adopted.   Three days later they were adopted.  Time to get Hunter, Maggie, and me a cat.  Guess who was still at the pound?  Yep,  Willie and Birdie.  WTF?!  And they knew me...it was awful.  Thankfully Emily was there to keep me focused.  (they were adopted, for real, within a week). Ta da:

Papa Bear or sometimes Papa Cat
Got him in June 2018.  He is seven years, owner surrender, and was not neutered until we adopted him.  Kept him indoors for three weeks then it was time to let him go outside if he wanted.  He disappeared for one night.  Sigh.  Two weeks later he disappeared for five days.  I could not sleep, I was miserable, I was not worthy of any more pets.  We put out food, Hunter threw his poop that we had from the litter box all around our property.  He came home.  We also acquired two opossums who liked the food we put out.  He has never left since.

Late August, Maggie passed.  She had a tumor on her spleen that ruptured and she was bleeding severely.  She was 14 years old.  She was the last of my children's pets.  Her death was a bit too sudden and unexpected.

After Thanksgiving, I started looking fo a dog.  I wanted an large adult dog.  I got a medium puppy....
Good thing she is so cute.  She walks and stays with me in the woods.  She loves her toys.  She was secretly pooping upstairs.  Not anymore.  And she adores the neighbors dog Sunny (who has been visiting us for seven years).

Harley and Sunny


  1. So good to see you YAY YAY YAY that you're back to blogging!
    You had quite the year of pet heartache. More than enough. I'm hoping things stay calm for many years.
    Love Harley, so cute. Hope your kids are well and Hunter too. Big hug my friend xx

    1. I feel like I have a kid again...always picking up Harley's toys. We are all well and about to go on vacation. Yay!

  2. Hello you! And hello Harley! So sorry for your losses. So hard. We lost our dog last summer and then welcomed a Cairn puppy (we too wanted an adult and - um - I don't know how I get talked into things by people). Holy hannah, our home will never recover. We put up walls to keep the animals out and then we go ahead and bring them back on in. Look forward to hearing more from you.... Xx

    1. It has been an adjustment with the pup. Fortunately, we missed the chewing part. She sticks to her toys.

  3. So good to see you!!!!! i am trying to blog but my app is buggered. I think maybe this is the year for pets - will see. but letting go might destroy me - just thinking something happens to millie tears me up so dont' know if i am strong enough. xx

    1. Losing them is incredibly hard but it is worth it to have them in one's life. I knew both girl's time was coming but 15 years...it is losing a family member. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Wow - sounds as if you've had a rough time. I feel for you with the pets being sick. (I have two gorgeous Maine Coon boys and one of them has recently been diagnosed with heart problems. Reminding myself to take it a day at a time and give lots of love.) Anyway, glad to see you back blogging, I have always enjoyed following your adventures. Here's to a happy 2018 for you and your family!

  5. Thank you. we are about to set out on an adventure next week. So excited!

  6. so happy to see you back ! I still feel bad about lost pets of years ago, it’s not sentimentality, it’s true sadness. well, happy 2018 - I didn’t enjoy 2017, but I’m willing to give 2018 a chance. xxx

  7. Well checking back periodically has paid off. It is great to have an update. I remember clearly your posts about Em leaving for college. Those years have flown by. Graduated yeah! Job- double yeah!! In the 4 years since I have accumulated two son-in-laws and have had two, soon to be three, new grandbabies! Yeah for me. I’m sorry to hear about your beloved pets. I hope your new guys fill some of the void. Enjoy your upcoming adventure.